Four More Years

I originally created this piece to enter into the NFT workshop feature of; a yield farming protocol that allows the users to cast votes for curation of art to be minted as mineable NFT's.

The way the system works (a basic explanation anyway) is that all the token hodl'ers can propose/vote for the specific subjects within a category. EG: The 1st workshop was 'Famous Figures', the top 10 based on votes were selected as the art prompt, and of the submissions, the top 3 of each figure were minted to serve as yield farming rewards.

Unfortunately, I was less than punctual on my submission, and had little to no hope of getting enough votes to pull ahead of the other submissions for Trump. With no disrespect toward the other creators, I almost certainly would have easily won the Trump category, for which I could have won a comfortable 5 figure prize. Hopefully next time I'll be more attentive; anyway, check out, I'm pretty bullish on $GLF personally. Since I took the time to create the piece, and since it's topical and (i think) pretty damn clever, I tokenized it on my own. It's available on
Known Origin as a 1:5, currently listed at .25 ETH.

Find more of my art here; or contact me via twitter to discuss a commission/collaboration.


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