Forty rules of love🌹

 Hello, I hope you fine.


Today I am suggesting an amazing book " forty rules of love" it is a novel which is written by great writer Elif Shafaq.

This amazing book recommended us our great prime minister IMRAN KHAN🌹


Few, favorite 🔖 lines from the novel.....👇💜

I have completed reading 📖 this book (Journey I would say) because this book is not less than any wonderful journey. I think my words are enough to describe this book. It has been so long since I have been attached to any book like this. This Journey was the journey of revealing GOD. Finding ALLAH PAK  In your heart and your heartbeat. It's about forty rules of Shams (the Protagonist) Rules which are so similar to one another and are not attached at the same time. While reading this book, It was like every rule was talking to me. By looking at its cover, people say it's some kind of a romantic novel but it is not (As they say don't judge a book by its cover). It is the book to make you fall in love with your Creator❤. It's a book after reading this you only believe in God. it is a book that would tell you that we care about people way too much but in the end, nothing matters, no-one matters because you can't please everyone and no-one pleases with you no matter whatever You've done. And it is so easy to please ALLAH, you just have to talk to Him. You only have to take one step towards HIM. HE will take 1000 steps towards you... This novel is about love and also Love with yourself...

And I suppose to understand every rule I have to read this book forty times. This isn't any kind of book which you read once and will never open. You can read this book as many times as you want because I think every time this book will teach you new things, new lessons. A lesson that leads you towards the positive and right direction.

Elif Shafak has written this novel so beautifully it's like every word is written so meticulously that I just can't help myself paying back towards this Novel and praising it.

This Novel is about the love between Shams of Tabriz (A Wandering Dervish) and his chosen companion Rumi (A Great Scholar). And Ella who even after 20 years of marriage couldn't find love. 😶

This novel tells you that every person wants love in their lives.

When I am saying love, it doesn't mean only with the opposite gender.

Love can be with your GOD. Love can be with your Friend, with your companion with your parents.

I have taken some months to just open this book because I couldn't find myself ready enough to read this. And now when I think about it, it's like ALLAH has saved this book to be read for a particular period.

These lines touch my heart.🌹

Every rule of this book directly influences your mind and touches your heart.


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Thanks for reading my post 

Stay blessed



preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
21 Feb

Many people say that books are our friends and with this publication you confirm it, because if you just read one book and you get such a complete understanding of what love is.
And it has also served as a guide in some aspects of your life.
They are reasons enough for you to recommend others to read it.
Thanks for your post.


Kinza Hasmhi
21 Feb

Everyone need love in his life but if they follow the rule then he live a happy life

Love can be with your GOD. Love can be with your Friend, with your companion with your parents.

amd if you read this book and follow rule in life then you say wao what's a wonderful book


Amer Farooq
21 Feb

I have heard that there is no rules in love and war,,,  but if you know suggestioning this book then i will read it and find these 40 rules


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
22 Feb

Thanks for your book explaination of FORTY RULES OF LOVE. This is very good book as i have read it. This books is based on 40 rules of Love . As love is million things. It make us feel happy , blessed and sometimes it hurts us. Sometimes love is dangerous for us and sometimes love make us feel good. Its all about our preferences. I will go through this book again ad you reminded me of my sweet book memory.


Asmat Nawaz
22 Feb

Elaf shafak is really an amazing writer.... One of my favorite book is fourty rules of love..... Every one should read it







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