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Follow Uptrennd on twitter and get 25 points :)

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Charles Fuchs - STACKIN 9 months ago

This is a great idea to spread the uptrennd message to the masses by using twitter!


My post about Uptreend on twitter: 


Luke has donated 25 points to Charles Fuchs 9 months ago

Luke Brenland 9 months ago

Haha indeed :) everybody could do with abit of Uptrennd in their life ;) haha

Jonathan B 9 months ago

Already followed, but I Tweeted out a recommendation to my entire 130 followers, which means about 2 people will see it. . @jmbsol  https://twitter.com/jmbsol/status/1101593737514356737

Patrik Banko 9 months ago

Hahaha made me laugh

Jonathan B 9 months ago

Twitter is like Steemit in this regard. You need a huge following to get any notice on either platform. So then people resort to bots and buying likes and followers because it's the only way to get exposure. So dumb. Rather like junior high school. Buying likes and followers. I guess most social media are like that, but these two are the worst in my experience
Or now the common thing on CryptoTwitter is fake giveaways. "Like, follow and Retweet for a chance to win 1 BTC" Yeah right. almost none of those are real. You NEVER see "Congrats to so and so " posts telling who won. Recently i saw someone claiming they came across $75,000 worth of btc in a wallet they forgot about and they would give it all away to one lucky winner. Lmao

Luke Brenland 9 months ago

Haha still appreciated :) I am sure more people pay attention to your content Jonathan! 

Jonathan B 9 months ago

Nobody does! I get about 1 like per month!

Luke Brenland  9 months ago

That's why you belong with us buddy ;) haha

We appreciate your content mate :)

Luke has donated 25 points to Jonathan B 9 months ago

Paul Dike 8 months ago

Luke,a very good idea and good move..It pains me that I've been having an unresolved issues with my Twitter handle for some time now and as such cannot participate on this at Twitter level..But am reaching out the trending Uptrennd to my folks in telegram,whatsapp,WeChat,Instagram and Facebook to jump over..I have an intension to print an Uptrennd T-shirts and face caps with Uptrennd logo and slogan on them..and by the time am done,I will wear and flaunt them around with pride..Way up Uptrennd..??

Luke Brenland 8 months ago

ahh wow!! top supporter Paul Glad you feel at home here :) we have telegram,insta and facebook :)

Luca Ravanelli 9 months ago



Luke has donated 10 points to Luca Ravanelli 9 months ago

Luke Brenland 9 months ago

Hey Erica have you followed?

Erica Fleming 9 months ago

No, I'm an IG addict.


But, now I have an excuse to get on Twitter so I will..... 

Luke Brenland  9 months ago

Haha :) let me know when you do Erica and be great to see you on Uptrennds tweets :)

Erica Fleming 9 months ago

Okay Luke, I flew into Twitter, followed, tweeted and flew back out. Lol!!! 

Luke has donated 25 points to Erica Fleming 9 months ago







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