Flits Masternode - Got Another One

Today I started up my second Flits Masternode and I'm very happy.

The price is doing good - it's slowly and steadily going up.

This Masternode pays out 3,67 Flits per day, so now I should be receiving double that.

The best thing about the flits app is that you can convert the Flits earned directly to Bitcoin and that saves me a step of having to go through exchanges.

The plan is that I want to now acquire other Masternodes to build a strong steady passive income.

If you keen to try out the flits app, my referral link is here : https://flits.page.link/ZmVF 



Olufemi Ekundayo Afemna
22 Aug

Wow, I dont know about this app before, I will check it out


Chidiebere Nze
22 Aug

This is very interesting have to try it out straight away


Idorenyin Hanson
22 Aug

You are the best thing that happened to me right now. Thank you so much for sharing another earning opportunity. I will make use of this opportunity


Quesi Job
23 Sep

This is great. I have started saving for a flits master node and hoping to it the end of the year. Until I have some assets staking on Mycointainer an I earning are cool. Staking a couple of POS assets at the moment.


Flits App





Running and maintaining masternodes has always been a pain and very complicated for everyday users, and most of the times they have to rent a server to host their masternodes which generally costs anywhere from $5 to $20. Flits has solved this issue by launching a mobile app that allows you to deploy masternodes with a few clicks at only $0.1 per masternode per day.


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