FLITS is Surging

I am happy but I am also crying!!!

I am happy I have one Flits Masternode but I'm crying because I was too slow to pick up another on the cheap 😭😭😭

Flits has been killing it in the market. I mean look at these numbers. They're gorgeous!!

As per usual I was in two minds about doing something and it cost me!! I could have picked up another another masternode at half price a few weeks back but I was procrastinating.

Here is the solid reason why I think people want Flits. 

As much as we love tokens the vast vast majority of us just want to hodl - we don't want to trade. Trade and you usually get rekt - that's because the house always wins.

What we all want is to hold on to our bags, have them appreciate and make additional interest for us.

Flits is hands down the most idiot proof way to do this. I have a technology background and I can setup masternodes manually but it's a hassle. For now I'd rather pay the marginally small fee and have the Flits do everything for me.

And here's the best part - it's all non-custodial. You own your crypto!!

I'm going to try and scramble to get another Flits masternode. Just one more and I'll be happy! 🤓

Here is my referral link if you want to try it out : https://flits.page.link/ZmVF 



preview not available Kamran Akbar
15 Aug

Hodling your assets is always the best choice in cryptocurrency. 

Hodl and Hodl and it will give you alot more than you think. 


Jae Subramoney
19 Aug

Well said!! Hodling has done well for me.


15 Aug

This is now becoming the norms I think.....when you overlook one crypto agent, that's when it booms suddenly......I think the best idea is to keep hold of them and be patient and persistent.


Jae Subramoney
19 Aug

Yeah, you've got to have a game plan of what cryptos you want and stick to that gameplan. Chasing cryptos leaves you rekt!!


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Running and maintaining masternodes has always been a pain and very complicated for everyday users, and most of the times they have to rent a server to host their masternodes which generally costs anywhere from $5 to $20. Flits has solved this issue by launching a mobile app that allows you to deploy masternodes with a few clicks at only $0.1 per masternode per day.


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