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First timer :)

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easy breezy 6 days ago

Yeah Paul!
Welcome mate. I hope you settle in as well as I have.
Looks like you've had lots of friendly welcomes already :)

Paul W 6 days ago

Thanks friend!

Nathan Kaytar 5 days ago

welcome! I'm new myself but so far am loving the uptrennd community!

Paul W 3 days ago

thanks Nathan, welcome to you too.

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

Welcome Paul! Happy Uptrennding :)

great to have you with us!

Paul W 6 days ago

Thanks very much Luke

Jan Borgers 6 days ago

Welcome to the community. Nice to have u on uptrennd. easy made a perfect fit for uptrennd. Are u a dev or designer too?.

Paul W 6 days ago

Not a designer or creator, just a crypto fan

Romana Grubesic 6 days ago

Welcome Paul! Hope you will enjoy it!

Paul W 6 days ago

Hi Ramona, thank

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 days ago

The video legend easy breezy! 

Glad to have you here Paul!

Paul W 6 days ago

Ha ha, he is the legend for sure.
Thanks Jeff.

easy breezy 5 days ago

I'm feeling the love :D

Jon Oliver Aborot 6 days ago

hey paul! Welcome to the community!







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