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Nowadays there has been a massacre and blood everywhere. And feelings have become so low that people have become enemies of each other's lives.

But when and how did this murder start? 

Very interesting question...

After the union of Adam (A.S) and Eve(A.S) in the world, Allah blessed them with many offspring. There was a system of nature and then the evening couple was married to the morning couple. 

Thus one morning Cain and his sister Iqlima were born and in the evening Abel and Judah were born. The marriage was to take place according to God's Rule but Cain said that I should marry Eqlima because Eqlima was very beautiful and handsome while Judah was ugly and Cain refused to marry Judah.

Then Adam said: Sacrifice yourselves in the way of Allah.And whose sacrifice will be accepted he will marry Eqlima.And offcourse Abel was right that's why his sacrifice had accepted.

And then the devil entered Cain's body and set his body on fire.So Satan began to seduce him that if you want to get the Eqlima then kill Abel so you can get the Eqlima. Greed, jealousy and revenge Satan filled in Cain's mind and body.

And then one day Cain killed Abel and all the details are in the Qur'an and then Cain fled to Yemen out of fear of his father and then Satan put him in luxury.

And He made many marriages for him, and then satan destroyed his offspring, and some of them began to worship the fire, and some of them began to slay idols, and thus many slayings began before the first slaying.



Safari Bangz
14 Jan

My question is how did cane know that someone can die?? 

How did you know that hitting someone will cause the person to die? Since before then there was no murder. 


Maryam khan
15 Jan


Devil appeard to cain and told him how to take revenge on abel and then he instructed him to hit stone on his head and then he will kill and that's how Caine did. Devil did this because he refused to accept Adam (A.s) and then he took revenge by straying the people...


shoukat altaf
16 Jan

There was no killing at that time, so I didn't even know how to kill. I heard this story in such a way that two birds were fighting.  Done.  God knows best what the truth is.


Qamar Rasheed
15 Jan

Man, was greedy from beginning to end, and will remain.  Selfishness and unreasonable passion made man the killer of man.  Yesterday was also brother, brother's killer, and still is today.


Top Np
15 Jan

There is selfishness in man. If people start to be very selfish, bad things will happen. Selfishness can kill a person.Selfish habits is most danger for us.


Maryam khan
15 Jan

But now-a-days if you're not selfish then nobody will hear you LOL..but this is a bitter reality so just swallow it haha


Haroon Saleem
15 Jan

Yes Habeel & Qabeel were brother son of Hazrat Adam(A.S)  who murder his brother for the sake of girl who want to marry her. This was first murder took place on earth. You can get guidine from Holy Quran which describe in details. 


Mansoor Hayat
15 Jan

You have good knowledge about history. Good it increased in our knowledge. We should be careful in making relationship.







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