They said that first kisses are special...

And they are for that certain special person

Yes... it is... but I lost it to someone...

To someone... who is not to "special" to me

I lost it to that certain bad boy...

To a boy named Jake... but he prefered to be called as Jax

He was an egotistic, conceited playboy slash bad boy

And if you're asking on how I lost it?

His friend playfully pushed him to me...

And after a split second... our lips touched.

They said that when you have had experienced your first kiss

You'll feel the butterflies fluttering, the sparks flashing. But I felt nothing... as if it wasn't anything special....

Jax began following me after that

It was annoying but he thought that something would change, between us, after that scene

But no.. I just got more... irritated

I was a nobody... and he was somebody

I ignored him after that incident... but not until...

Not until graduation...

He went near me.. as I wanted to walk away from him...

...But something tells me that I was scared to hear what he was about to say...

I've learned to love Jax through high school...

He was sweet and caring. Something my father had never did...

He waited for me...

He was patient....

"Ella... hey," he said on our graduation day.

"J-jax" I stuttered.

No... he still loves me...

"I know that you aren't ready yet... and I totally get that..."

"But I'm human, I can't wait that long. I may be patient..."

"I get tired too... you can't blame me,"

"I'm sorry for bugging you over that stupid kiss..." he said

Scratching his brownish messy hair as he says those words...

He just called that kiss.... stupid. Why...?

I nodded, trying to refrain the tears from falling.

It hurt. I mean...

It hurts to hear that...

He looked up and saw the tears in my eyes...

"Congratulations, Jax Smith... you just broke another girl's heart..." I said.

He looked shocked... I was too... when...

When this certain blonde went near him and pulled him to her...

Kissing his lips and while saying...

"Hey Jax... tonight?" she asked, tracing his arms with her hot pink nails.

I was devastated...

I slapped him...

My hand hurt..but my heart hurted more

"I knew it...."

"You would never love a person like me..."

"People like you prefer people like them," I said while pointing at the "doll" beside him.

"I hope to never see you again," I said, coldly.

"Hey... Please let me explain..." he said while trying to reach out for my arm but I shook him off.

"You're nothing to my life..." I said, coldly as I could.

As only I could muster...

"You're nothing..."

"But my first kiss... and that's it..."



Deborah Adeniran
22 Jun

First kiss is indeed very wonderful..The moment of my first kiss is flooding through my thoughts right now..

Nice write up dear


NOman Khattak
22 Jun

First kiss is always special !

i had my first kiss 2 years ago


Lee Jr
22 Jun

Wow this is a very sad one. Unfortunately, I can very much relate with this as I also lost my first one to someone whom i eventually got to find out didn't worth it


Princes Nimra
22 Jun

Love is the gift of life

kiaa is the gift of love



Rock Usama
22 Jun

How's romantic. Couple looking very beautiful. Love is the beautiful feeling. Thank you explaining.


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