First Earning Of Uptrennd ~ Contest Promoting Uptrennd 1000 1UP for GRABS

Although I love to explore other platforms always find ways to promote my platform there. Yes, I call Uptrennd as my platform because I believe we can't be responsible for anything until we own it. 

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So let's promote Uptrennd as your own platform on other platforms by showing proofs of your First Earning Of Uptrennd by creating a post on Uptrennd and all other known platforms. Newbies who haven't withdrawn yet on Uptrennd can also take part by showing their friend's proofs and share their thoughts why Uptrennd seems so legit to them. 

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Create a post on Uptrennd with the title "My First Earning Of Uptrennd" with screenshot proofs (if not then use your friend's screenshot proof) with hashtag #earnfreecrypto #uptrennd 

  • Tweet that Uptrennd Post Link on Twitter by using hashtags and mentions #uptrennd #earnfreecrypto @Uptrennd @N4V1111

  • Copy-paste part of your Uptrennd Post with hashtags on other Social Media Platforms (At least one, cross-posting on more platforms will be highly appreciated) 

Some Examples of Platforms: Facebook, Instagram,,, Swirge, Tipestry, Hive, Torum, Publish0x, Medium etc etc 

  • Comment down your Post Links including Uptrennd Post, Twitter Post, and Other Social Media Post links (More Posts = More Visibility) 

Contest Reward ~ 1000 1UP'

Winners are limited but as a Loyal Uptrenndian, it's our collective responsibility to spread the word about Uptrennd on all Social Media Platforms. Secondly all entries will be highly engaged by us 🎊. I will use Spin Wheel to select 3 lucky winners each will get 300 1UP and 100 1UP will be rewarded to the entry who comes up with more links either it's a winner entry or non-winner. 

Deadline: 12 January Tuesday, 6 PM UTC

Just Saying...

Exciting times ahead we are going to launch fully with amazing Uptrennd App launch when beta testing is over and this January is looking so awesome for all Crypto Community so we will be arranging exciting contests and games in telegram channels too. You can also mention telegram channels in your contest posts too.

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Anthony Eri
07 Jan

Damn! I can't wait for the Uptrennd App!! It's a wonderful news for the Uptrennd community and I believe it's going to have a major impact on the value of 1UP which had an increase of 8% over the week.


preview not available Navi .
07 Jan

And don't forget to comment down links here :) so I can follow up! 


Suny Ag
07 Jan

I have done that all and posted it here on this post, thanks. 


Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
07 Jan

Good Way to spread the word of Uptrennd. 

In this way more people with join uptrennd. And the Uptrennd Community will grow. I have not withdrawn yet but I will also participate in the contest .


Syed Inayat shah
07 Jan

Its great opportunity for all uptrennd family and members. 

No doubt your efforts for all platform is great and you always try to promote this platform. I am just waiting for Uptrennd App. it will make more easy to use this platform 


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