First 40 BCH t-shirts delivered to spread awareness in Mozambique

It's my pleasure to announce that the first batch of 40 T-shirts to spread awareness of Bitcoin Cash just arrived and the next step will be to start distribute them among the people. The campaign is conducted by the first Bitcoin Cash House in Mozambique dubbed Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique.

Bitcoin Cash awareness is important in Mozambique and in Africa in general because it will be one of the main currencies that can help the continent in case of hyperinflation with the fundamentals behind the currency, lower fees and fast transactions it can thrive on the continent.

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The batch took some time to be delivered due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were made and printed outside the country and to deliver it took some time, but in the end it worth any second of waiting 🤗, i hope you continue to give full support and Mozambique will thank you later and BCH will secure some fans in here.

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preview not available Hafsa M
27 Feb

the shirts are looking pretty cool, I hope this campaign will help to get more investors in bch


Alberto Dionisio
01 Mar

I believe when people start seeing it on the streets they will have something to say and I hope they put some money on it😊I will be working for that, not just for BCH but all projects built on top of Bitcoin Cash like RFND will have a big impact in here


Hasnain Khan
01 Mar

It's nicely designed and it will promote awareness about BCH.

I would want to take one for myself as I Love BCH.

This step will definitely take attention of investors.


Pat Jules
04 Mar

this is really a great initiative to spread more awareness about Bitcoin Cash. 

Kudos to the whole team and this will pave way for more adoption.


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