Finding good health in nature during hard lockdown

Hey there Uptrennders, here is a photo I took during hard lockdown in June 2020. It was near the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. As you can see the weather is fine and mild, with lots of sunshine, even in mid winter. That’s why there is so little covid in the south Cape coast of Africa. It’s just too hot.

And that’s one of the secrets to staying healthy and combating this covid apparently – simply stay hot. The virus does not survive well in hot conditions. So it seems that the simple solution to good health is to get outdoors into the warm sunshine and fresh air, particularly the sea air at the coast.

Here in the today’s post you can see the wonderful lush green vegetation on the African coastline. I’m sure that wherever you are, there is some healthy outdoor nature environment that you can access. I certainly hope so. If you are in a city then I really recommend that you get out of the city. Move to the countryside, or at least go for regular visits to a wide open natural environment, where you can get some fresh air. 

Apparently the regions that suffer most under covid are those with pollution and smog, like the big cites. With any lung disease we need to do the obvious and get lots of sun and fresh air. We don’t need a vaccine at all. Simply drink lots of hot liquids, use steam inhalation, and you will strengthen your lung health while flushing out any potential virus.

Add to that some vitamins, like C, D and zinc apparently, and you will boost your immune system. These items are cheap and readily available. I am over 50 years old and have zero lung problems because I have lived my whole life in sunny conditions by the seaside in South Africa. That said, we have problems with tuberculosis here, which is a lung disease, so problems do exist here.

The ironic thing is that more people die here from tuberculosis than covid, and we have had it around for decades and we have never used masks, or been told to wear a mask despite all those deaths here. Furthermore, we have never had a lockdown for tuberculosis. So where is the logic? 

There are so many loopholes in the science behind masks and lockdowns that I recommend using common sense. The global call for masks and lockdowns is questionable to say the least, and I will resist with all my life the mask and lockdown. You can do as your conscience and education dictates. I’m not afraid of death.

To repeat, tuberculosis has been around here in South Africa for decades and still today is killing more people here than any covid, and we have never needed masks or a lockdown for tuberculosis. So by doing the math and observing the stats, I am convinced that I am fine without a mask or lockdown. 

And I am in poverty-stricken third world Africa. I have lived with tuberculosis all around me all my life, with way more people dying from it than covid here, and I am fine. I have never had a problem. So my common sense and education on mask wearing and covid do not allow for a mask or lockdown at all.

I also have here in sunny South Africa one of the highest death rates from HIV/AIDS for the past few decades but I never saw HIV in my life. I simply used common sense again, stayed clean and safe, and that’s it. No problem. I call upon you to do your scientific research on masks and lockdowns, as I have done, and you will find as I have that masks and lockdowns are bogus.

Your remedy is sunlight, heat, fresh air and immune boosters, like Vitamin C, D and zinc. I hardly even use vitamins. The sunlight and fresh air are enough. If you don’t have sunlight, heat or fresh air, then you are in the wrong part of the planet to good health. You are welcome to come join me here on the south Cape coast of Africa. You will escape the virus and live a happy and healthy life. I certainly do.

(photos my own)



Tariq Shehzad
24 Nov

Its good to improve your health in a severe lockdown by adventure on mountain but living in home we should following things for health.

Take good and suitable food

Full sleeping

Take daily exercise


XxX offiong
24 Nov

You really going to make so many go bunkers over your glorification of your beloved cape coast, as for the covid19 SCAM Africa made it look exactly the scam we know it be.


Julescape Crypto
25 Nov

Hahaha lol you are correct XxX, I'm raving about this place all the time. I would love to visit the highlands of Pakistan or Kashmir one day.


Saqib Ali
24 Nov

You're right Corona virus is eliminated by hot air, hot water and hot environment so we should all try to move to a warmer area or warmer environment.If we see a clean environment somewhere, go there less dirt and away from the pollution.

So it is important that we go to a village because there we get everything fresh, especially the fresh air.Try to eat healthy food as it can fight many diseases and give energy and energy to our body and increased our immune system


Ikechukwu Ndukwe
24 Nov

nature is really an amazing way of having a good health and it helps you get some lovely vitamine through the sun too,.  nice one


Chidiebere Nze
24 Nov

Beautiful surroundings give us joy all the time, add strength to keep my mind nice and refreshed. Frankly when I go somewhere, I first find a beautiful and green environment. Then sit there for a while and get a feel for the natural environment.







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