Find a job and ridiculous interwievs

My biggest recommendation about these tests, if prepared by the job, is to avoid extreme dicks. For example, if he says "I haven't lied all my life a) I definitely agree b) I agree a little c) I am indecisive d) I do not agree a bit e) If he says I do not agree at all, stay away from a and e. Some of these questions are already trap questions and answering some questions wrong is a direct reason for elimination. For example, in our tests, there is a question that "sometimes I get angry with people" and those who say "I absolutely disagree" are directly eliminated because every person can be angry with people from time to time, and the person who says I do not do this is 99% likely to lie.

edit: due to my change of profession, I now do internal consultancy to a single company instead of external consultancy to companies, but the subject is still the same


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