Finally! The strong wind stop.

It is still windy but not as strong as earlier. Then it did rain again but don't last too long.

And I immediately check out all my plants, found out the bamboo arbor of my purple yam plants has fallen, some sticks are broken due to the strong wind, and the purple yam leaves are very heavy for the arbor and because it rains, the water added more weights to the leaves.

So to fix it, I placed a bamboo pole to support the arbor.

It's only temporary, I should make another bamboo arbor but I will make sure that it can carry the weight of all that leaves.

I'm glad that all of my plants and trees don't have serious damage.

All are still intact and safe from the typhoon. Thank God! 🙏.

All my purple yam fruits are also safely hanging from its strong vines.

​Although I'm a bit sad today about not doing my name artwork for you guys. Tomorrow, I'll be working on it hope this wind and rain will leave this evening or in the morning.

Thank you my brothers and sisters Uptrenndians for your prayers too ❤🙏.

"God is good all the time 🙏"



Ajwa G
21 Oct

In addition to art, you also take special care of agriculture.  Make your gardan very beautiful.  Great man, you are hardworking


Muhammad Imran
21 Oct

Purple yam fruits can be seen clearly.

The plant should be supported by strong bambo Sticks to protect in future from such heavy rain


Chidiebere Christian
21 Oct

God is good and I trust him for keeping you and your fam safe. Keep trennding and working hard


zonapee ceasar
21 Oct

You're really into all round and not only on art but also on farming too 

taking care of your farm and garden and they will definitely take of you too by producing good and healthy food products for sale and consumption 

more grease to your elbow sir 💪 💪 💪 


AbeeHa KhaN
21 Oct

Waoooo thanks God for stopping the strong winds,,,

Now taking care of your farm and garden,,,Keep trennding and working hard,,, God bless you.







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