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22 Feb
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Finally blogged about Uptrennd

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Jeff Kirdeikis 1 year ago

Thanks for the review Jonathan! 

In regards to your concerns about higher levels making it hard to get exposure, Uptrennd is designed so this specific concern is a non-issue. The only benefit of having a higher level is your ability to earn more. It does not boost your post visibility in any way. 

Glad that you keep coming back despite our "old-fashioned" layout :) 
We're continually upgrading our look and feel. We are fully self-funded, so we had to keep it simple to start off 

Jonathan B 1 year ago

ahh, thanks for that clarification. Good to know and it makes me feel better about promoting Uptrennd.

It's interesting, not to bring politics into it, but i got to thinking earlier about it--the whole current polarization of unfettered predatory capitalism vs. 'gonna steal all your wealth and give it to the poor' "socialism," --it seems we just need a healthy medium. As for me I'm a free market social democrat, as per the Nordic/Scandinavian social democracy model. 

Free market competition but with fair/non favoritism rules. Seems the current monolithic social media giants are more in line w/the unfettered/no rules model. There's this vague sense of perverseness about it I think many (myself included) haven't yet been able to put our finger on, but we're all sniffing something not quite right.

Jeff Kirdeikis 1 year ago

Yeah Uptrennd is actively working to find that perfect balance, by distributing wealth from corporations to people, but only when they put in the effort to earn it :) 

Jon Oliver Aborot 1 year ago

wow thanks for your article Jonathan.  I really understand your word "awkward "but in a right time all of that ineffective will be fixed. Uptrennd is working slowly but surely effective to the community. 
That's why you are still came back here in uptrennd cause you have  seen the improvement of the platform. I really aappreciated your welcome. Nice job! 

Jonathan B 1 year ago

The "awkward" comment was actually referencing the Cent platform posting structure, but yes I look forward to seeing Uptrennd evolve over time

Nathan Kaytar 1 year ago

Nice write up man!    However it's been my experience at uptrennd as long as you put in some work then polish your content to perfection there's no reason not to be trending all the time....   I spend hours even on short post writing then ediing it into something I'm proud to share with you guys!

Jonathan B 1 year ago

Fair point. Some of us aren't tech people and can only go so into depth about crypto topics, depending on the exact topic at hand. But even we non tech-ers can always work on improving the quality of our research and understanding, and therefore our posts. 

I really look forward to the day it branches into other subject matter. In the meantime I will take it as a chance to learn/research more deeply into crypto matter

Nathan Kaytar 1 year ago

Nice! good to have you here brother!

Luke Brenland 1 year ago

Thanks for your honesty Jonathan, like others have said we are slowly working on new features and new ways the platform could look and most of that comes from the community too mate, glad your gonna stick around buddy I like your posts! Always read them and comment mate it's early days and honestly nobody gets an advantage unless you boost but OC gets an advantage over a shared link so we just reward quality and thought :) 

We will all look back at these days one day man at how it all started :)

Jonathan B 1 year ago

Can you give more insight as to how the boost works? What exactly happens to your post when you use points to boost it?

Luke Brenland 1 year ago

With the boost you can spend your points for views and get that post boosted to the top of every feed until it reaches the amout of views you set out :)

Romana Grubesic 1 year ago

Thank you for your objective view. It is important to get a true and honest feedback. And agree about social/democration model defined by scandinavian countries you mentioned. True role model! And about your concern regarding higher levels, i can see Jeff already explained. Thank you for this share


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