Final Episode.. You Asked for it

.. What do I say to him now? I asked myself. 

We stood looking at each other for a few seconds. 

Umm he cleared his throat. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t find my voice. I just kept opening and closing my mouth without forming any word. 

He looked at me quietly and I saw him frowning his brows slightly. He looked like he was going to ask me how I was doing but he stopped himself. 

Umm he cleared his throat again. I got a call that I received a package this morning, did you see it? he asked. 

What package I questioned myself, wait is he talking about the devorce papers I wondered? 

The….. De.. Vorce papers? I stammered. 

What devorce papers? He asked confusion evidence in his reaction. 

The package that arrived this morning were devorce papers right? I asked myself mentally. Yeah I read them. It was, I assured myself. 

Where is it? he asked when he noticed I was not going to answer his question. 

I burnt it, I replied in a whisper. 

You did wh….at? He asked shocked at my answer. You may wonder why I did that. My answer is simple, I did not want to know they existed somewhere in the house. I could not stand the thought of their existence. 

Why would you do that? he ask when he finally snapped out of his initial shock. 

I did not answer him instead I run to him and hugged him tight. My hands around his neck. My tears started flowing and he just stood still like a rock. He must have been shock at my reaction. 

I never knew I could run that fast. I am sorry, I can’t loss you. I know I was wrong but please forgive me the words I said sobbing. 

He raised his hands to hug me back but he dropped them after a little hesitation. When I saw that action I knew there was hope. so I buried my face on his chest while I kept chanting “I am sorry”. 

I have heard you, now could you let go of me? He asked helplessly. 

I strick my head. I was not letting go until we sort it out. What if he leaves like he did the last time. 

Let go, his voice sounded calm but I still held on to him. 

Let go, so we can talk, he said. I pause to think about it. Truth be told if he really wanted, he could easily push me away since I was no match for his strength. I was happy that he did not push me and I saw that as a good sigh but I will still not let go. Who knows it is may be a trick or he did not want to hurt me accidentally that was why he was not pushing. 

Carry me I whisper. 

What? He exclaimed. I am sure he was frustrated by my actions but I was not letting go. If the only reason he was not pushing me is because he did not want to hurt me… then he will definitely not throw me away right? 

I felt my feet been lifted off the ground after a few seconds, still wrapping my hands around his neck I steal a look at his face and I noticed his helplessness.

When we got to the couch, he tried to sit me down but I refused. So he could only sit down, while I sat on his lap and buried my head on his chest. 

I am sorry.. I head my husbands voice. what? Why was…. did he apologize? I asked myself or are my ears hearing things . 

I am sorry for staying away for so long, he continued. 

What is he talking about, I wonder. 

I did not mean to stay away this long, it just that when I heard what you had to say, I needed to clear my head. 

Ahh! the joy I felt when he said this is overwhelming but I kept quite and listened. I could not get too excited after all he sent devorce papers this morning. 

“When I called a few days before my return, he Bagan his narration. I noticed something was wrong from the sound of your voice even if you denied it. I had called you on that day to inform you that I will be back on Sunday but when I heard your voice, I decided to surprise you”. 

“I over heard you call that night, he said without any reaction. I was shocked and wonder all though the night what you meant by doing whatever it was you were supposed to do to save our marriage”. 

So the next morning I tried to find out who you were talking to but I was shocked to find out that you changed your password. That set the alarm bell in my mind, so I decided to investigate things myself. 

The first thing I wanted to do when I saw those pictures was beat up someone but I had to calm down after sometime. 

I wonder if the guy in the picture was the one blackmailing you or someone else. So I decided to wait until you meet with him. Since I heard you moving your meetings to the following week. 

When you snatch away my phone the other day… the detective was the one calling to tell me that your car was spotted in the same hotel with him. 

I froze when I heard him. I could not imagine what would have happened if I have gotten into that hotel room that night. 

I was a bit relieved, when I found out you did not cheat on me, after you confess by yourself but I needed to clear my head and release my anger on someone. 

Frank or whatever his name is  sounded like the perfect candidate he said. 

I am sorry, I apologize. All this is my fault, I should not have let frank into my life. 

Why..? He asked. 

Why? What? I asked because I was not sure what he was asking about. 

Why did you burn my device document? he asked. 

What? I was surprise I really thought I saw devorce. I thought they were devorce papers I answered honestly. 

He looked at me surprised at my answers. Even if they were devorce papers will burning them change anything ? He asked. 

Well.. I just wanted to get rid of them, I answered. I could not bear the thought of losing you, I added after a short pause. 

You should have thought of that possibility before flirting with some other man, he commented. 

I am sorry, I replied. But I honestly was not flirting with the idiot, I said the other part in my head. 

Am I forgiven? I asked when I did not hear any reply after a while. 

What do you think? He answered my question with his own. 

I thought for a while, I noticed a small smirk playing on his lips. I breath a sign of relief when I noticed he was looking at me with his loving eyes. I knew I have broken the trust between us but I was willing to start all over and build back the trust little by little. 

How about I appease my Lord, I replied and he nodded his head. I would love that he muttered. I felt so happy when I saw him nodding his head. I was glad I did not let that idiot touch me. Talking about that idiot I wondered what my husband did to him to vent his anger but now was not the right time to ask. 

My husband might misunderstand and think I care about him, which I don’t. It made perfect sense to me why I never heard from the idiot the day I stood him up at the hotel. 

Ellen was really a life saver, if I have gone ahead to meet the idiot that day.. I can’t even imagine what would have happened. 

I am so lucky I got a second chance with the love of my life. Of course I am never going to ask for what I can’t pay for.

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Suny Ag
06 Apr

Isn't it as I was expecting? I knew that guy knew everything by plan or by his anticipation and was calling the shots. I also knew that accepting the fact was the only solution as true love can accommodate all and sundry. However, everything that ends well is always welcome. 

Hey, you expressed some of the true feelings that only girls are able to do. The one that said "Carry me" made me smile and touched me deep inside, so common and easy for girls :) 


Abdur Razzaq
06 Apr

Girls always compromised to save their love and relationships and no doubt if same done by boys then that becomes examplary story of that couple.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
08 Apr

Thanks Sunny for following up the story. Your feedback and a few others keep me inspired and motivated to keep writing. 

Yes your anticipation was right. Her husband was already aware of what was going on before she reported herself. 

Very easy hehe' girls love to be pampered and given simple treat like a baby you know lol


Michaelo Okoli
06 Apr

It's always joyful to get a second chance at love... It's really rare to get when love becomes tough..... I love the storyline... It's very catching and interesting


Abdur Razzaq
06 Apr

Chances come rarely we should give importance to our love and relationships 


06 Apr

Wow! Through love is always forgiven no matter the offense. Frank wanted to destroy their marriage but never succeeded. 


Sofs Su
06 Apr

That was the prefect end to the story, I know you are the incurable romantic and romantics can only think this way LOL.

He cleared his head and made the right decision. 

The desperation to burn the document made me laugh, but such is love.

Great story.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
08 Apr

Thanks Sofs. 

Yeah I prefer the happily ever after ending anytime lol


Ifiok Eso
06 Apr

Wow, so lovely... This is in awesome. I love the way the story ends. Divorce should not always be an option. If you value you relationship, you will always find a way to come from what ever the problem was..


Abdur Razzaq
06 Apr

You are right Divorce obviously is most unliked thing in the societies. We all should take it last option after first by using all ways to keep our relationships alive with love and care .


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
08 Apr

Love won at the end and they lived happily ever after lol 


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