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FEX: Staking rewards in ETH with the lowest fees in the market

Believe it or not, this is really coming. We listen to our holders and we create products that meet their needs.

Refund Token will launch on January 19th FEX staking app. FEX will be performing monthly staking rewards in 2 world top cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Thus staking in RFND will become one of the cheapest option in relation with transaction fees. Stake or unstake (withdraw) RFND will cost less than 0.01 USD. 


We have heard complaints of holders who don’t want to pay high fees for staking or unstaking. In terms of modern finance, fees shouldn’t be overpassing 2% on any deposit. So if you are gonna pay 0.02 ETH fee for staking, make sure that you deposit at least 1 ETH.


This will be history for all stakers who will use RFND infrastructure which is built on Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). SLP token is linked to Bitcoin Cash.


FEX is a very simple web app compatible with mobile phones environment, where people basically have to suscribe their SLP address where they hold RFND, agree on privacy and disclaimer. The only requirement is to have a minimum amount of 5,000,000 RFND for holders who want to receive BCH and 50,000,000 RFND for holders who opt for ETH.


For purposes in terms of USD: 1,000,000 RFND is within the range between 9 and 13 USD, depending on exchange rate. We set up higher amount of RFND for ETH holders, because we will have to pay monthly commissions for wiring ETH which will be 0.001 – 0.003 ETH per each deposit.

Here you can check our video on FEX. It takes less than 5 minutes to watch it.

Meet FEX​​​


This staking app will have another advantages: 


1) It’s 100% non custodial.

 That means from the very beginning you will be in charge of your RFND. Whenever you decide to withdraw them, exchange them for other hard cryptos, you can do it at any time.


This is an advantage, because in some crypto projects you are obligated to stake for longer time periods, but what if you need urgent cash or you see RFND reaching its all time highs or your family wants to go on vacation, therefore we have it flexible.


2) Zero Inflation for RFND holders


This is extremely important: staking won’t be producing any inflation by producing our native tokens. Because holders can opt only for 2 top world cryptos. It’s like a breakfast menu: What do you prefer?


Scrambled Eggs or Pancakes


In our case what do you want Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash?


We like both of them, and you can pick the one you prefer.


All your monthly staking rewards you can spend them as you want or reinvest into RFND.


3) It’s unique algorithm for calculation of staking rewards


a) Progressive

We go for innovation according to the principles of modern finances.

The more RFND people have, the higher will be the monthly staking reward % rates.


There is a progressive % increase according to this.


The lowest staking reward rate goes from 1.11% (for the bronce holders who hold between 5,000,000 and 39,999,9999 RFND) to 4.39% (for diamond holders who hold over 333 million RFND). So the weighed average rate for all RFND holders is around 3%.


 B) Rewards will Depend on trading performance of RFND.


The % staking reward for any given level will be in a range from – 40% to 40%.

If the price of RFND doesn’t increase vs BCH, that means 0%, the rate is 4.39%.


That means the reward will be within an interval from 2.634% (if RFND decreases to or more than 40% of its initial price) to 6.146% (if RFND increases to or more than 40%).


   Let’s analyze it:


  1. You stake your RFND on January 20th. We already calculate the weighed average price of RFND from all our trading pairs. (RFND/BCH, RFND/ETH, RFND/Doge, RFND/TRX).

In order to avoid strong differences between some days, we calculate average  price of the last 5 days (Jan 16 – Jan20).


2. The minimum staking period is for 1 month. So if you start staking on Jan 20th, the end of staking is on Feb 20th. If you withdraw RFND from your wallet earlier before Feb 20th,  you won’t be eligible for staking reward. Yes that is the strongest penalty and everybody has to know it in advance.


3. We will calculate the average weighed price of RFND during the month of staking from Jan 20th to Feb 20th.


To understand it better let’s use numbers for 3 scenarios:


For all these scenarios the initial value of RFND is 2.36 satoshi which is calculated as a average price of the last 5 days when staking began. For a holder of Diamond level, therefore the value of 100,000,000 RFND = 236,000,000 BCH sat = 2.36 BCH. The exchange rate ETH/BCH for the purpose of this calculation is hypothetical 2.2 BCH per ETH. It will correspond to the rate of the day of the payout.




Scenario 1


preview not available

In this scenario the average monthly price was 2.96 satoshi, which was 25.43% increase. Therefore the valid % staking reward rate = 2.02% (Gold level) * 1.2543 = 2.53%. So the holder will obtain the reward of 0.0597 BCH or 0.0271 ETH. And the reward will be paid out on March 1st.


The average weighed monthly price of 2.96 will become the new initial price for the period which begins on Feb 20th.



Scenario 2:

preview not available

Here the average monthly price of RFND was 4.5 satoshi. This implied 90.67% increase against the initial price. However our model only consider increase up to 40%. Therefore the valid % staking reward rate = 2.02% (Gold level) * 1.4 = 2.83%. So the holder will obtain the reward of 0.0678 BCH or 0.0303 ETH. And the reward will be paid out on March 1st.


The average weighed adjusted  monthly price of 3.30 sat will become the new initial price for the period which begins on Feb 20th.


Scenario 3

preview not available

Here the average monthly price of RFND was 1.7 satoshi. This implied 27.97% decrease against the initial price. Therefore the valid % staking reward rate = 2.02% (Gold level) * 0.7203 = 1.46%. So the holder will obtain the reward of 0.0345 BCH or 0.0158 ETH. And the reward will be paid out on March 1st.


The average weighed adjusted  monthly price of 1.7 sat will become the new initial price for the period which begins on Feb 20th.



4) Bonuses


RFND Investment will pay bonuses.


If you stake on Jan 20th and you hodl RFND until April 20th, you can get your first quarter bonus. These quarter bonuses go from 0.56% to 2.2% depending on your level. This bonus will be paid out on May 1st. Another 6 month bonus will be paid out in August.  And after that in March 2022.


The purpose of these bonuses is to bring incentive to new holders.


5) Dynamic Growth of percentual staking rewards


If you increase your balance during the month by depositing  additional RFND. Your final reward will be calculated as average balance and the staking reward will be subject to that fact.

For example you started with 60 million RFND and after 15 days you increased your balance by 80 million. Therefore your average balance will be 100,000,000. So your rewards will be calculated based on this fact.


6) RFND proven record of the last 6 Bitcoin Cashbacks


RFND was born on February 25th, 2020 with initial price of 0.18 sat of BCH. Today it’s around 2 sat. So it increased by 1,000% vs BCH in 10 months and half. We had at the beginning 99.999 billion of RFND tokens, today we have only 89.96 billion of RFND, we burnt around 10.03 billion of RFND in June.


RFND core values are: Neutrality, Fair Profits for our holders, Respect, Eco-friendly, Financial Sustainability and Innovation.


RFND Investment has paid out its eligible holders 10.33 BCH per concept of staking reward payout in 6 occasions. The first Bitcoin Cashback was on March 9th, we paid out around 13.5 USD, on January 9th 2021 successfully paid out 1,120 USD.


 7) Exclusion


Citizens and residents from USA cannot participate on generation of passive income. The same applies for North Korea and Syria.

If you want to check more info about Refund Token; please visit rfndinvestment.com or our official communication channels located on Twitter, Telegram, Uptrennd or Read.cash.







Anthony Eri
11 Jan

This is good news for all RFND holders. Cryptocurrency is growing so large these days that it is now more than buying and hodling. Staking for interest is where the money really is and doing this in ETH and BCH makes it more appealing and mouth watering.


RFND Investment
12 Jan

We have have always believed that investing in something related to cryptocurrency besides traditional fiat investment is a key to get ready for our future or to have wealth for any rainy days.


Ishmael Kelechi
11 Jan

This is going to be massive. Staking between 20th January and 20th February is what we should consider. The rewards will surely be beneficial and we look up to a wonderful time staking RFND. 


Suny A
11 Jan

Bonus or no bonus, I will definitely utilize this facility and hold my assets. I will download FEX and see how I take the advantage of fee on this system. Thanks for bringing this to our knowledge.


RFND Investment
12 Jan

Hi Suny,

Thanks for kudos. We have been working on meeting needs of cryptocurrency investors and bring some innovation regarding to staking.


Adore Eu
11 Jan

No doubt this RFND is a good project and still has great potentials  of becoming unbelievably profitable.  Staking for rewards is what every holder should do especially  when it comes with a monthly rewards and other incentives. But  what about people with lower amounts,  who do not have RFND tokens in millions? I asked because the lowest staking rate is for holders of at least 5,000,000 RFND.  Are there ways of earning RFND other than tips or rewards of a contest? 


RFND Investment
12 Jan

Hi Adore,

We have worked on simulation and forecasts on FEX, for the beginning of launch we will start with these amounts. Some people have asked me to lower, we will consider it in following months. You can check the exchange rate of RFND on CCTip or memo.cash. At this moment there is a chance to earn RFND on our Telegram Group (check rfndinvestment.com) we are working on launch of a new product in the second part of the year where people may earn RFND as a loyalty reward.


Romeo Hart
11 Jan

I was lucky to receive bch for holding more than 500k Rfnd. Now another opportunity I am not missing it for any thing. Congratulations to us


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