Ferrum Network February recap

Hi all,

here the main points of what Ferrum Network did in February!

For the complete version of the monthly recap, check it out on medium at the following link.

Business side

We had a lot this month, partnerships, listing on 2 exchanges (Bidesk.com and Vitex.net), the FRM Stake and Earn program, the new website, the Ambassador program.

Tech side

We had a huge news here, FirstKudi got the license to operate also in Ghana (it is already adopted in Nigeria).

Also, we will have available for testing the first beta version of UniFyre wallet in the near future, so to prepare at the best its launch!

First Kudi side

If you are from Ghana and you are interested to adopt the First Kudi App, there is a pre-launch up reward program that is waiting for you! Don't miss it.

Now with your First Kudi Verve card, you can pay bills, buy goods, send money, and so forth. Some detail here: Added the First Kudi Verve Card to Quickteller and Verve World

From My side

As a strong supporter of the team and the project, I am truly delighted to be part of the Ambassador program! We are a group of people in touch between us and the team, we talks about the project and its products, we give our feedback to the team, we are constructive. We also had a first call to talk about UniFyre wallet, a kind of brainstorming to highlight the new features of UniFyre compared with the state of the art and some of the most used and adopted wallet out there. I can't wait to see the novel Link Drops capability in action!

So, stay tuned to get informed about the upcoming news.

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henry barzin
03 Mar

for my part, what I expect the most is the release of UniFyre wallet!
It's a product that will change things!


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