Feeling Grateful Moment By Moment

There is one quote I always think about and try to focus on which I learnt from the Bible and that is:

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things".


We have all lived our lives till presently working for a better tomorrow, how we started some years back to become better persons tomorrow, but do you know the tomorrow never comes? Because even when the tomorrow comes, we start thinking of a better tomorrow again. 

Let's stop it already, let's have a better today! 


Today is what we have and tomorrow is tomorrow, I hope you understand what I mean. Let's enjoy a better today by not postponing when to be happy. Be grateful for the wonderful privilege to be alive, to breath, to think, to enjoy and to love. There is no more greater gift than all these that will deprive us from being happy for today. 

Keep your joyful life in check, be happy, be excited and be peaceful moment by moment. Stay discipline to keep a grateful heart always. We attract what we desire and allow what we want, therefore smile first thing in the morning and every hour. 


Our well being also depends on how we feel good thinking about what we want and how we are being grateful moment by moment about them. Let's keep remembering the good things we want until bad things we don't want are forgotten. Thank goodness, good things have happened and are still happening to us so let's continue to count our blessings instead of our troubles and be grateful moment by moment. 

Thanks for reading. 

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RinNy Mboro
16 Apr

No matter what happens the most important thing is to live the best of everyday and enjoy it to the fullest

Tomorrow will come and no need worrying over the uncertain

Today that we see should be the best,the most gracious of our moments


Merit Ahama
16 Apr

Exactly, we only have one life to live so we should be happy and grateful at all times. 


Magdalene Dan
16 Apr

Though we're being faced by different problems we don't need to be downcast rather we should just let it go and have a happy moments knowing and believing that everything will be fine.

Try to always be grateful at any point in time whether good or bad just be grateful.


Merit Ahama
16 Apr

Difficult situations happen so we could be stronger and be happy we overcame. Thanks for stopping by. 


Amjad Ali Waince
16 Apr

Live Every moment of life . Enjoy your today without any fear of tomorrow. We must be grateful to Almighty for his blessings every day. Nice motivational write up. 


Merit Ahama
16 Apr

I am glad you find this motivating, we should learn to be grateful and happy for every moment of our lives. 


Chidiebere Christian
16 Apr

Really with the way things are going, we suppose to enjoy ourselves and leave out the worries of tomorrow cos tomorrow will surely take care of itself, depending on how our today's plans are


Merit Ahama
16 Apr

Worry less, enjoy life in the best ways and always stay happy, that's a more better way to live for today and even for our future. 


Talha Ahmed
16 Apr

That's a very good point. We should live within the moments. We must struggle hard for a better life not of tomorrow but of today. Focus on what you've today, celebrate your tinniest achievements even . Don't be stressful over thinking and worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow will come with its plans whenever it'll come. 

Live in today, live for a better today. 


Merit Ahama
16 Apr

Today is what's more important as tomorrow is not sure, every today was a tomorrow before so we should learn to be happy every moment. 


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