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February 6th, 2020, London: The Premium Blockchain Networking Event for the iGaming industry

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Luke Brenland 5 days ago

I am so pumped for this event honestly!! I will be taking plenty of photos to show the community here, that CoinPoint know how to connect like minded people and throw the best VIP event around!

Lucas S 5 days ago

Please do, as I think this event is going to be great! I'm sure there will be some great talks as well, and the networking alone will be amazing.

Muhammad Kamran Akbar 5 days ago

The best thing about this platform is there is no way out  of it because u will be addicted to this and you will feel you are doing something good for you future 

Itliker Shadda 5 days ago

You have achieved a lot in 2019.. My best wishes. Are with you for 2020..

Victoria Haruna 5 days ago

I like the theme of the event. Am most certain Uptrennd do agood job covering the event.

Busola Akinlolu 5 days ago

This is definitely going to be a very big event, wish i could attend :)


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