"Favourite Persons In Your Life"

Everyone in the world has some favorite persons in his life, by whom he is impressed or he spent more amazing time of his life with them!

Like other people, I also have many favorite persons in my life but I will share only two people who are more likely to me than others!

The first person who inspired me the most is my friend @Naeem Haider, yeah He is my best friend who always helped me in my every difficult situation!

We also enjoyed great moments by spending almost 5 years together!

He helped me many times when I needed his help in my study time because he was my roommate!

He is still sincere with me and hopes so our friendship will remain strong till Death!

He standed with me when my other friends refused to go with me to Soon Valley (A great visiting place in Pakistan 🇵🇰 )

There, we enjoyed our trip of only two friends, @Naeem Haider & Me

Time spent with him is always revolving around my mind and gives me the same feelings of pleasure as at the time of the trip!

I enjoyed too much in his company and we are still in contact with each other, I gave him my laptop 💻 some days ago when he came to see me from his city! 

We met after a very long time and enjoyed ourselves a lot!

Our friendship 👬 may always be strong as is now 🙈

Let's move to the other person in my life whom I love 😍 too much!

The second one is my brother @Faisal Ameer, yeah he is my real brother and is older than me!

I also enjoyed many amazing occasions with him and we spent an unforgettable time with each other!

He also helped me financially when I was in the age of the study!

He loves 💕 me very much and once he had beaten my opponent because my opponent fought with me!

I still remember his kind acts with me, he bought many useful things for me in my childhood!

Whenever he comes back from his job, he brings many valuable things for me and we go on a trip to nearby cities!

I always pray to Allah that "Allah give a brother to everyone like my brother" 🙏

I love 😍 both above-mentioned persons very much and both are very important to me!

Have you also such persons in your life???

This was my entry for the giveaway of 500 1up arranged by our beloved guardian @Emaan Ali

If you want to participate in this contest 🏆 then you can visit Here​​​



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Himayat Ullah
08 Dec

Yeah they both are very good personality of your life but specially your brother because brother is our back bone and we can trust on our brother i also love with my brothers 

You choose great personality for @emaan ali contest good luck 😘 you will be win this contest


Saira Kakar
08 Dec

Exectily everyone have some favourite person in their life who is important in our life because of their good habbits and posativity


Ayesha Umar
08 Dec

Right dear, Everyone in the world has some favorite people in their life, through whom they are influenced or want to spend more time with them....

Good to know that your favorite personalities are you friend and your  brother .... 

Good one dear

Best of luck for your contest 


Fizza Ahmad
08 Dec

Friends are blessing in the life.. You are blessed to have them in your life and giving them Priority by accepting your favorite person in life is your great part.. Take care of them.. These are jewels in your life


Humaira Khattak
08 Dec

That is great to have a best friend coz now a days people are busy so much in their activities and that's great your friend give you time in your bad and good condition. 







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