Favorite Persons In My Life

There are so many people in our lives that we love so much and some that we can not live without. 

I have so many wonderful people in my life that I would love to talk about but I can only talk about my two favorites.

My first favorite person is my mother. 

The one who I always thank God for giving me to her as her daughter. I feel so lucky to have her because she is the best in everything. 

She is my best adviser. 

She always prays for me. 

She worries a lot about me even when I don't see the need for that. 

She is my motivation in so many things that I do. 

I only pray that I become a good daughter that will make her proud because she deserves it. 

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My second favorite person is my younger sister 

My partner in crime because we do almost everything together 

She is my quarrel mate, we can quarrel with each other a lot.

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She can be very caring, funny and serious at times too. 

Because of her, I feel the need to act responsible because she knows how to point out my errors very well.

I learn a lot from her even though she is my younger sister.

​My mum and sister are my favorite persons and I thank God for having them in my life. 

This is my entry for the contest organized by @Emaan Ali, you can click Here to participate.

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Mahnoor Pathan
09 Dec

They both are beautiful🌷 and I have favourite person in home that is my younger sister, she advise me when I am in not my mood... You are lucky ,you got your favourites in your home... 

Best of luck for the contest.... 


Merit Ahama
09 Dec

Aww the are beautiful? Thanks for that acknowledgement. 

I am really happy to have my favorite person at home. 

Thanks for your wishes dear. 


Ayesha Umar
09 Dec

Right dear their are many people in our life whose are important for us...  Your favorite personalities are your mother and sister.. Great

Mother is blessing of ALLAH almighty,  she is our first teacher, advisor and everything, no one like her... 

Sister is also blessing... She is our best friend and we share everything with her.... Great entry

Best of luck 


Merit Ahama
09 Dec

I would even want to say they are more than a blessing because they are two great personalities and I am happy to have them. 

Thanks for your wishes dear. 


Ayesha Umar
09 Dec

Yes, we can say that they are more than blessing. may you stay happy with them.


Humaira Khattak
09 Dec

Wow beautiful mother and sister. 

Really you Have great person in

Your life. God bless them and Best 

Wishes for them. 


Merit Ahama
09 Dec

Yes I am so glad to have them. 

Amen to your prayers, thank for your wishes. 


RinNy Mboro
09 Dec

Your mum and younger sister are indeed precious to you

Mothers and siblings are favorite people in our lives as they're always there for us and direct,support us.

Good to known them

Goodluck in the contest


Merit Ahama
09 Dec

Yeah, they are the closest and most favorite to me. 

I am happy to share them with you thanks for your wishes. 


Tahir Ali
09 Dec

That is very nice thing to love your mother . Every mother is great women I also ❤️ my mother the most in this world







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