Everyone has a unique definition for a father for some father is a friend with whom they share everything, few had believed that they are nothing more than ATM, S which gave money, others say that father is just a person who never let us do what we wanted to do, some have the opinion that father is support which will make us stand strong in this world.

For me, my father is a leader who inspires me. I spent a very little time with my father since he was always busy in earning money. But there are a lot of things I learn from him in fact everything sometimes my mother says that you are just a carbon copy of your father. 

I see most of the girls who got irritate from a man who got angry with small things but I never get tired in fact I like that type of person sounds strange its truth. I heard a person who got angry on small things actually had a clean heart. I like the person who behaves strictly outside and had a soft heart inside. I like the person who stops you to do everything according to your wish because he knows what is right and wrong for you. A person who will lead you in the right direction even if you don,t want to because sometimes it happens that we are not able to see things clearly.

 I remember when I need to choose my major and I decided to take English as my major because my friend choose English and my father forcefully makes me choose botany as my major. I cried almost for 2-weeks but no one listens to me and I have to study botany. 

At that time the worst person according to me in my life was my father who makes me force to study botany but now 2 -years later I realize the good which he did to me 2 -years ago. I love to study botany it will open thousands of fields for me I get to do what I love to do play with soil growing plants. 

Sometimes a person who you feel is your worst enemy is actually your true well-wisher so love them those who truly love you. Love you dad for every decision you make for me I will always respect your every decision because I know that you will never do wrong to me. 

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Rashid kawish
28 Jul

We love and respect our father I love my father I respect you I respect everything He ate me in the world and gave me what I needed He gave me every difficulty and phenomenon in nature Stay with me forever



Iqra Nazir
28 Jul

Father, a man who learns us about how to walk in that time when we are nothing. A man who teaches us how to spemd a simple life. A man who always stand with their children in their difficult times. There is no definition of father. 



Rashid Fasiehullah
28 Jul

Yes Father is really a shadow for his kids and with fathers the childrens always suffer a lot mostly they didn't get the good education and family survive lot. 

May Allah bless all Fathers always



Sajjad Abdullah
28 Jul

Father is one personality that can teach all the lesson of your life



Ana Biya
28 Jul

Father is the most underrated blessing 

He do so much for us








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