Fashion Around MenπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Whenever it comes to Fashion, the idea of ​​women comes to our minds.

it's not necessary when we talk about fashion, then only women in our minds.Β 

According to a survey, Fashion is as popular among men as it is among women.

If women are asked about men's fashion, they answer that Men also have the right to do fashion.They want to look good too.

Men's fashion used to rely heavily on movies in the past, but now the fashion industry has developed a lot.

Fashion industries, being introduced fashion trends from the lower class to the upper class.

It is human nature to look good, so he adapts to the changing fashion of the day in order to look unique.

This desire has promoted to fashion industry andΒ at the moment, the fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the country.

Now let's talk about some men's fashion.

Kurta pajama is all time favourite of men and it's part of our tradition. It is very popular among men for any festival or occasion even in casual days.Β They look very graceful in it.

Accessories enhance the beauty of men. And in last foot wear play a vital role and fashion is incomplete without foot wear. .Β 

Loafers is the best option with kurta pajama. It gives a classy and elegant look.

You can also wear our traditional shoes like Peshawari Chappal or lace up shoes or loafer etc.

Our style changes our personality and make it more attractive. We must follow day to day styling and pick the fashion that suits on us too. Our styling shows our sense of humor and sensibility towards dressing.

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Raazi Khan
24 Nov

A good fashion sense is necessary to look good and to be known better. We should do styling according to varying society trends but in  a proper way that suits us.


Saviour Essien
24 Nov

It’s good to look good especially as a man it’s will surely get you exposed & you will be free to mingle with sound minded people. 







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