Famous comedian of Bollywood Bharti Singh has been arrested;


Today I have been gone through a very shocking news and it may be shocking to you all also who knows about This Bollywood's famous comedian Bharti Singh and his husband Harsh Limbachiya. Harsh is known as script writer in Bollywood but his wife is the most famous and the most appreciated lady among her audience. 

These two celebrities have been caught by the accusation of smuggling drugs by the Indian CBI. They also got so many kinds of drugs from their three of houses. 

Here is the link of their confirmed arrestment;


The reason behind their arrestment is that they both and many other known celebrities of Bollywood are running a network of this black money. Almost all the known celebrities are drug edit and running very secret network of drugs.

After the death of sushant Singh Rajpot, CBI in the investigation of his death had got the clues of that network and they have caught many other known celebrities for investigation and the name of Dipika Padikon is on the top of the list.

In conclusion, the whole Bollywood has now altered into a huge network of running drugs and all are drugs edict, specially the celebrity kids. And the arrestment of Bharti Singh and her husband and the accusation on them have been  confirmed on them as well, fell me into a shock that how cheap these celebrities are.

What is your point of view on that?



Saviour Essien
23 Nov

Drugs network is a bad crime in as much as those drugs there run are illegal in the country there deserves to be purnish for breaking the law. 


Smiling Face
23 Nov

Celeberaties are taking wrong advantage of their famousness . they should not do like this. And authorities have to captured them


Nisha Tahir
23 Nov

this is really shocking news bharti singh is mine favourite comedian too but i never know about this news thank god  they get caught so their evil acts lessen to some extent might be now 

may god gave them some senses that they are only ruining their own lifes and no one else  


Kelvin Carchy
24 Nov

This is really a sad news but they both shouldn't have gotten involved with such dirty business. 

If after thorough investigation they are both found guilty, they should be punished as stated by the law. 


Doreen M
30 Nov

Celeberaties are great role models in our world and should be front runners in educating the world of the dangers of taking drugs.  Not getting involved with illegal drugs activities  just to make more easy money😡😡Authorities have to captured them, celebrities and even politicians.   People taking wrong advantages of their famousness


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