Those few peoples out of millions who will never leave you alone no matter you are good or bad successful or unsuccessful.

Let's try to join this word into acronyms

F - Form strong bond together 

A - Always remember each other no matter distance 

M - Make time together memorable 

I - Inspiring  

L- Love each other 

Y - Loyal 

Life is not always a bed of roses sometimes it becomes a bed of thorns too but when you have family along with you who stretch out all the thorns that came out in your way it's not less than a blessing from God.

Let me tell you the story of our neighbor since that uncle is my father's best friend so he told all the things to him.

He is a vegetable seller having five kids and one wifey to take care of. In this fast-forwarding world, how is it possible to take care of family members with such a small amount of money?

So the wife started to help his husband by stitching clothes at home but this was not enough yet because all the kids have to go to school too.

But kids show their part of responsibility too and got scholarships in school and govt started to pay their school expenditure.

But there is a thing that when destiny takes a turn it will never see who you are and how much you are struggling already.

One day his cart on which he sells vegetables fell down and get broken now he don,t even had money to get the new one and to compensate all the destroyed vegetables.

He was sitting all alone when his wife came up with some money this is what I have in my savings you can use it, Meanwhile elder son also came with his money that this is his pocket money which he saved to buy a new cycle.

His eyes were full of tears and the only word he can think of is

No matter how many difficulties life throws on you when you had the asset of family along with you they will never let you go down.

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Manzar Baloch
23 Feb

The true wording is used by you in the article.The luckiest is one who have best family


Hira Tahir
23 Feb

It's true that family members always help us financially, physically, or mentally without thinking about their own profit.

I'm glad I have a huge family who loves me a lot.......


Salim Ansari
23 Feb

If your family loves you and has normal healthy relationship, yes they are important. However not everyone is lucky to have families


Syed Inayat shah
23 Feb

you explain the the word FAMILY very well. no doubt the member of family always careful and positive thinker. the love of family members are real one. we can never loss any member of our family.


Chaudhary Usama
23 Feb

Obviously supportive family is a great blessing of ALLAH .....No mtter How the circumstances are going on but yhese people never leave us alone they always stand in of our difficulties







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