Family : home like No other

The world might leave you when trouble comes, many friends might leave you and pretend they don't know you when you are in a deep mess but family will stick with you come rain come shine.

You can change your friends no crime but for family you are bound by blood and love forever, cherish your family, spending time with your family is a precious gift,  family never leave others people and friends can leave but family stays with you forever.


God put in my heart to visit and spend time with my relatives between the end of last year and this year was awesome I was able to see my loved ones again after a long time due to the distance of where I reside am not opportune to visit often, I was at home and i contribute my quota before leaving, such strengthen the bond that bind us together.



No matter how far you live or how busy you get please don't forget that you come from a family, you have a home, calling them on phones is not the same as going home to see them, don't be too separated from your family for too long, they need you more than you can ever imagine go once a while to see and spend some quality time with them, I learned alot from my cousin when I went to visit, he is such a skillful and industrious person so passionate about what he does and am very proud of the man he is becoming.


Don't be deceived by the devil that it matters Not, take family very seriously all may not be going well and if there is misunderstanding talk it out and let the love continue, one advantage we have over darkness is the unity of the family, the love of God finding expression in and through us every moment, I will not say all family things go rosy all the time, but in times of challenge consult God to intervene, God knew how powerful family is and he communicates with the trinity that it is not good that the man should be alone, then they all agreed and created woman out of the man and family began, please and please if we must succeed in this season let family union and unity and love be restored I strongly believe God led me to write this article for someone out there that has been lost thinking and feeling rejected by the world, I bring you good report run to family, your biological family, your place of spiritual nourishment and find rest.

No association greater than family.

We will all be great and the beautiful part of it all is that we will know each other 








Agaga Julius
09 Jan

Family is your number one. Many people you help may run away from you when trouble comes but ypur family will stand by you to the very end even when you are not of help to you hem. 

In whatever we are doing, putting our families first must be our watchword. We came from somewhere and from a family and so, we must respect our respective families.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
09 Jan

I can't never stop emphasising the importance of family ,it the number one in my agenda


Balogun Godwin
09 Jan

Family is so important. No matter how rich or poor a person is, you will always need your family around you. These are the people that will never desert you no matter what.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
09 Jan

No matter the status of the family let love have it way


James Essien
09 Jan

your family is the Frist set of friends you make in the world so you need to cherish them the make your Frist start form your family.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
09 Jan

it is the foundation of everything we know and do ,and parents must teach and show love for it to spread


Umar Khan
09 Jan

Families is the every happiness of every human life..Because man always gets the greatest support from his family when he is in trouble.Everyone has a blood relationship with family..We should all always respect our family very much..


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
09 Jan

no hiding the fact that our safety is more sure in the family than else were


Ishmael Kelechi
09 Jan

Family is first in everything. Keep you relatives close. Do not run away from them. 

Before you do anything, think about your family first. Look before you leap. 

Your family will be with you through thick and thin.


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