Fake perfection

What if, you are surrounded by,

The fake people,

Those who pretend to be perfect,

But there is nothing imperfect than them,

Those who mocks at your disabilities,

Those who feel jealous on your qualities,

Those who discourage you to move forward,

Those who told you that you are nothing,

Taking the morals down,

Feeding the wrong meal in your head,

That continuous poking,..

Which realizes you of no worth,

Which kills your individuality,

Which proves you to be inactive, insane,

Which teaches the lesson of negativity...

What to do then ..?

Take your self away from this fakeness,

By keeping your eyes on a straight path,

Ignoring the shits around you...

Keep yourself pushing to move forward,

No matter what force pull you down,

Just gather your strength and,

Tell the WORLD that...

You have the power to fight,

With that discouraging fakeness,

The strength of truth 

Is still Alive in you...!

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Nuzhat Razia
23 Feb

Poetry's words are great ... there are very few people in this world to encourage someone to see someone moving forward ... we should be so encouraged that people's narrow-mindedness and funny words  Endure the heartbreak with courage and fortitude and move forward without caring about people.


preview not available Arslan .
25 Feb

Yes we should admire other's good work except of getting jealous by their hard work.


Raifu afeez trialafeez
23 Feb

We are all human, and there will that nature of human beings in us that is how we may never accept some terms when coming to face the reality of life.

Let's not stop fighting for what we truly need and setting our heads straight is the main goal to achieve our dream.


preview not available Arslan .
25 Feb

We should be real in our dealings. That's all.


Adeiyi Iyiola
24 Feb

Every time we met different people but we have to choose the better among the best . We must be careful enough to scrutinize real from fake friends


preview not available Arslan .
25 Feb

Exactly, we should always filter good and genuine friends for ourselves as we are for them.


Noman Ahmad
24 Feb

Stay away from fake people, 

Fake people can do nothing except black mailing,  i advice to you for staying away from fake people's or a fake friends. 


preview not available Arslan .
25 Feb

Yes you are right. We should keep ourselves away from such fakeness.


Zainab Khan
23 Feb

Kindly view my wall and comment too


preview not available Arslan .
23 Feb

Hello Zainab welcome to the uptrennd. You are new to this platform I think.


Take a look at this link and read all the rules carefully. If you still need any help, You can contact me on DM.







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