Have you heard of the young handsome man called Nick Vujicic an Australian American Christian Evangelist motivational speaker born 4th Dec.1982 married with 4 children's.

 Nick is one of the greatest young man on planet Earth I admire so much👍🥰. He has made me to believe that with God everything is possible. All you need do is get closer to God, know his teachings. 

 In his word he said God  said he has a plan for him, we don't see the plan but it's kind of foolish to believe something you can't see but FAITH helps you to believe and faith comes when you hear the word of God. But the plan doesn't come when you need it, what do you do? Do you keep believing or what. Ephesians 3:20 God has a plan for you just keep trusting and believing.

Between the ages of 8-10  Nick tried to commit suicide due to peer group making mockery of him. Nick is not just a man but he has been a part of my life because when I feel everything is going wrong in my life I watch his videos, I get inspired and motivated knowing that if Nick is such a wonderful Man like this serving God despite his human nature physically but in the site of God he is complete.

God allows things to happen to us knowing fully well that he has a better plan for us. I love Nick a lot , he has inspired me with his inspirational and motivational talks. Inspiring young man born  without arms and legs touching the lives of millions of people across the globe making people who are physically challenged to have faith that they can equally make it.

I leave us with this no matter what challenges we are facing in life we should never give up because God has a bright full plan for us all.

Put God first in everything you do.

Happy weekend friends.




Vincent Isibor
27 Nov

Yeah. Nick is a man of great faith knowing fully well that GOD can do all things for him & he can do all things through Christ that strengthens him.


Chidoziem Ekeocha
27 Nov

Yes and he has touched the lives of so many people through his motivational talks.







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