was doing my business and trading ALONE on a low-key..

Was making my small money and was comfortable..

Until my one day my friend complained of not knowing an investment to put her money..

That she wanted to grow her money..

She's an aggressive business woman..

I said "okay give me the money you're not using let me be paying you 10% every month..

Her next reply shocked me..

"Send me your account" she said..😱

I was surprised, scared and confused..

Like I didn't expect it that fast 😅

She said "Frank you're a man of integrity"...

She said let's start with 200k..

Brothers and sisters that how my Investment Company started..

She later added cash ontop 😁

She's my first and biggest client..

I never wanted to talk about it online..

Cause nobody knew me..

And I've not met 98% of them before..

I casually talked about it and someone that I've not even accepted her friend request inboxed me that she wanted to invest..

Whaaaat 😳

I dropped my phone on the floor and spoke in tongues..

My God 🤦

And from there..

We grew so fast..

Apart from that my female friend..

I've never met any of my client before they invested..

You get the point?


Good name is still far more better than gold..

Take everything I have away but don't soil my name..

Give my few months I will bounce back..

My name will do the work for me..

I have always sounded this..

As you're securing the bag..
Secure your name too..







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