Fear is said to be an agent of war sent to fight against our progress and success in life and as an individual we should never give in to it. Fear of the unknown always keep us apart from that success that is meant for us. With fear in your mind you will never step out of your comfort zone to grab that opportunity which await you.

If you see any legit opportunity, business or investment kindly go for them as they can bing you closer to that future you yearn for. If you are too calculative or overly sceptical about things, you tend to miss opportunities that comes begging on your door.


The Nigeria system does not provide a platform for people to really actualize their dreams and aspirations in life, it is left for you to see the opportunity and grab it. Fear and being overly calculative has left many Nigerians in abject poverty they find themselves. Challenge the poverty by facing your fears and taking due risk.

Junks is in the eyes of the beholder. Some look, others see. If you want to be among those who see then, you have to take the bull by the horn, face your fears, take calculative risk and always give chance to every opportunities.

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Ifiok Eso
19 Jan

if you're afraid then you will die a failure, always face your fear and conquer it. You have to make you fear afraid of you and come out strong and make exploits. 


Ishmael Kelechi
19 Jan

Just stand your growing and take a step towards that conceived goal. The great idea you desire can be achieved if you allay the fears and move. 


Esther Akusobi
19 Jan

Fear is the most ugly thing that can haapen to any body, it's time we face or fear and conquer it, we have to move on to achieve our goals and 


Kelvin Ajah
19 Jan

I quite agree with you. Fear on its own brings torment. It would allow you to think creatively and take the best of decision. Fear keeps you bound in a shell; it creates a wall of barrier around you and doesn't allow to grow beyond it. We must cast fear out of our lives 


smart okon
19 Jan

Thanks for this inspiring post, even your gift says it all about fear. Fear and anxiety can stop you from achieving greater things, it holds you back. Its not easy to face your fears though but you must brace up and push through them.


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