Expensive advice for the girls/ladies

 There are things some ladies do but forget about the implications that follows what they do. You met a guy that want to be in a relationship with you and all you could think about is using that person as your source of income without caring about the person feelings. We all know that money is sweet but when it comes to relationship it shouldn't be for the money,  if you know you can't date or be in a relationship with that person don't demand anything from the person. 

A man meet a young lady he love and he approached her and told her how he felt about her by asking her out,  she told him she wanted sometime to think about the proposal and the young man as a gentleman; he agreed, The next thing the lady did is start tabling all her financial problems to the man,  the man with the hope of winning her heart have no choice than to start doing anything she wanted,  from house rent to fueling of her car and buying groceries, when she knew she has taken so much money from the young man she later told him she has think about the proposal that she's not ready for any form of relationship that the guy should look for another girl. 

If you didn't want to be in a relationship with the person why use him to solve your financial problems in the first place? Sometimes this is what lead to some girls been raped or kill,  don't gamble with your life, that gentleman you think can't hurt you may be forced to hurt you because when some people get angry they forget about the law and they act through impulse. When any guy buys you gift make sure you tell the person your mind to avoid any issues in the future. 

This is an expensive advice for the ladies, please Stay away from things that will attract trouble to you,  enjoy your weekend and have a lovely day. 

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Chinedu Mbamalu
30 Oct

Correct advice. I don't know why most ladies are fund of that, stop playing with peoples emotions


victor vickyrich
30 Oct

Exactly. Some ladies do this and they think they will get away with every actions. Although some guys render help such as the one you mentioned by themselves without the lady asking for it. Even at that make sure you tell the guy about your intentions first before anyother thing and make it well clear to him.


Zahid Iqbal
30 Oct

Love is a power. .we can win anything by love ..love is inspirational courage in soul. Love is blessing of God.  I think without love human is incomplete


Esther Akusobi
30 Oct

Nice advice, but my advice to single man is that  relationship is not build based on demand, like you said she told the guy she needed time to think if it and after considering the guy she started listing her problems to him,the mans shouldn't have danced to her tons, it was obvious that what she wanted was Hus money and not relationship, this act has discouraged and changed so many nice guys in our society and bad luck to we good girls haaaaa.


Raheem Rao
30 Oct

Yes i also see mostly  girls who only make  a relationship  with boy only due to his wealth  and when they fulfil  their  need leave  them 

But boys  should also take care  of that


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