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Exclusive Interview: Craig Wright Breaks Silence on Tulip Wallet Messages!

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Luke Brenland 1 month ago

He is not far wrong about everything being chosen for you or predetermined, most things you see online are chosen or targeted at you however this will only become more present and in your face as the world becomes more connected, it is a hundred billion $ industry if not more...

haha hes in the UK ay!! There has been a lockdown but tbh its not been that much of a lockdown....

I find it very funny he had to leave!! that must of been one important phone call to just cut you off like that!! a little rude tbh! He has some knowledge though but you know i was taugh young that you can trust a thief but you cant trust a liar lol bit harsh maybe but I dunno he just has alot to prove to live up to his claims but he is one intelligent guy no doubt!!

Muhammad Bilal 1 month ago

We are all beneficiary of this . immune investment dollars industry

Adore Eu 1 month ago

Such a long interview with lots to learn about. I like the part where he says,  "do not like anyone who says to you he has a path to get rich quick, the one that promises you money because you signed up or anything that doesn't encourage hard work",. I never heard about lightning but he mentioned that they are a bunch of poeple who dont want bitcoin or who want to do outside the bitcoin. For the message, he made sense when he said, you can not sign a digital message anonymously, you must have an identity attribute to sign a digital message.

I never met Craig before but I see he is very intelligent and versed

Busola Akinlolu 1 month ago

And craig decided to pull a stunt yet again ahaha, craig wright better be what he has been saying he is though. Does he even have that financial market he's claiming to have, this guy is a bag full of comedy lol, although I like he's sense of confidence, pretty smart too.

Accountability is indeed an aspect that should be worked on, government bodies are individuals just like everyone, they should be more responsible.

Don Christov 1 month ago

Well I think we all know by now that Craig Wright is a joker and is not Satoshi Nakamoto, he doesn't have access to the Bitcoin Wallets.

But this really was an insightful interview. I like his views on Quantum computers and innovative enterprise, I think I share similar views too

Coinoclast II 1 month ago

The last few minutes are really a panic response.  He was caught red-handed in a lie with those signed messages (whose addresses he claimed to own in court testimony) and he's trying to confuse people about it. Then he ran for the hills :D

Lucas S 1 month ago

I must be honest, this is the first time I've watched an interview of any sort with Craig Wright. There are true moments of insight from him, and I can see that he is a developed no doubt. However, lie many people that have minds that function on a high level, he was several times like "Squirrel!"

However, I can see how his point of view hold merit for himself and many others. And very good point from him about how waking up in a cold sweat every night worrying about how you will fund the next step, that sort of commitment and energy is where true innovation comes from. Think Steve Jobs and Wozniak....


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