Exciting Times! Live 72 Hour Event! Coming Soon!

Hey Trenndians🎉

So as always, the team is crazy busy with numerous things as most of you know already but I just wanted to mention a few things.

First up above is a reminder of the Roadmap for the rest of this year (2020), exciting stuff there, one thing I am especially excited about is the mobile app for android!! That is going to be absolutely HUGE📱

What are you most excited about from the roadmap? Let me know in the comments, for me it is the mobile app!

Next up is the 3 month, 40% APY, 40 million Staking portal! Who is staking their 1UP?? Better to work smart ;)

This is almost 50% full and closes in just over 4 days so if you want to get your 1UP working for you then make sure you do it before it fills up!

Over 6.5 Million 1UP have been staked already which values over $80,000 in total, that is awesome🔥

Stake Your 1UP Here👇👇


Yield Farming Pool - Original Announcement - https://twitter.com/Uptrennd/status/1304882978258993152

So you can now yield farm with your 1UP tokens, if you add liquidity to the 1UP - ETH pair on Uniswap then head over to YIELD where you can stake your LP tokens.

This is a third party service but the rewards are extremely high as most yield farming APY are, this one is over 400%!

There is a total of 188 ETH locked up in this contract.


This is an event I am extremely excited about and is fast approaching us, a chance to learn about the hottest innovation in Crypto since Crypto lol 

You see words like "Yield Farming" or "Flash Loans" well now is your chance to fully understand how they work and why people use them so make sure you join us at "WTFI IS DEFI" for FREE too on the 25th September!​​​​

Join us here - https://www.facebook.com/events/2586023278378262/, show that you are "going" to the event!

All spam which is unrelated to the task will be downvoted heavily!!!



Mike Etim
23 Sep

OMG, this are amazing and good news this morning, over 400% from 1UP-ETH liquidity pool yeild farm? 

That's so outrageous o, let me run to take my staks ASAP. 

I can't wait for the Defi event to start because it's loaded with many goodies and reputable company leaders who will dish out lots of information from the #defi and other cryptocurrencies information 



Mike aka Drixx (fashion) .
24 Sep

I was thinking the same thing fellow Mike! Haha People ask why traditional stocks don't interest me anymore and it's because I'm seeing returns over 100% in the crypto space. So exciting. I do wonder though what's the difference between the Portal Staking and the future On Platform Staking?



23 Sep

Really looking forward to the 2nd round of 1up staking on the roadmap as I missed the first round due to the crazy ETH fees to move the tokens.




Ademujimi Ifedayo
23 Sep

Can I stake my 1up via imtoken or trustwallet? I'm having difficulty staking my 1up as I don't have metamask wallet. I will appreciate your reply as the staking will soon end and I don't want to miss out 



Muhd Hassan
23 Sep

well as a newbie i cant say much on this but so far so good i have been following and observing things, honestly the roadmap is going well and great as it is expected to be most especially that part of staking 1 ups, its a very wonderful development to know you wont just be keeping ups in your wallet without it not giving you any benefits its a very happy thing to help one with.

Secondly my eyes really got caught in that part of the mobile app as it will be very easy going when engaged with a mobile app am sure it will have very good and beautiful features there are lots of roadmap with so much joy and good upcoming events, thank you very much for sharing this reminder with us



Monjan .
23 Sep

Luke it seems things are looking solid and everything is right on shedual ,am sure  guys will turn up for the event , all the best to the Uptennd team we love you guys








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