Excellent woman

The excellent woman is that woman with passion. A woman with the fear of God and the one who knows the directions she's going. A virtuous woman to be precise is a kind of woman who is ready to fight for what is right and also ready to remain in truth. Do you know what it takes to be an excellent woman? 

STAYING TRUTHFUL: Truthfulness is the name given to such a woman. Many young girls today like the habit of being truthful and trustworthy. If you are trustworthy and keep your word that is a woman of her words, then, you are nothing but an excellent woman. There are many young girls today who are not ready to be truthful but filled with lies. These girls have been known for lies and will in the end have their names been tagged as liars.

STAYING VIRTUOUS: Staying virtuous is of so much importance in the lives of women because status should be obeyed. They are women who should always think of righteousness as the first thing on their list. When you are virtuous as a woman, people will give you the respect that you deserve but taking yourself in the other way round will be shame and stain into your name and family.

READINESS TO SERVE: Many women today are filled with pride and does not know the way or road to serve people. They have taken pride as their hobby which cannot make them excellent in making. Some women are truly ready to serve and obey anybody who comes their way. They are loyal types of women.

RENDERING HELP: Excellent women are ready to render help to any kind of person they see around. They are never ready to hide their identities but reveal to people the kind of person they are. 

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preview not available Hamid Owaisi
07 Mar

An excellent woman is that who is confident , independent, elgant and nice and holds a strong character. A good woman always keeps his family first and give time to her education and becomes financially independent to support and care for her family. 

A good woman is always kind and humble and she treats everyone with respect. She always fight for her great rights and save her relationships on order to maintain good environment at home. She keeps a whole family together.

 A good woman is always there to help whenever the need arise and she remain truthful no matter what the situation is..


Agaga Julius
07 Mar

Amy woman who treats his fellow with respect is seen as Excellent woman. The one who can rise for the benefit of others and can stand to defend his people.


Anthony Eri
07 Mar

All the attributes you have listed are indeed what makes an excellent woman, a woman of virtue, a woman whose husband is proud of, a woman every man desires. This is indeed should be the excellent woman that gives the womanhood pride & honour


Agaga Julius
07 Mar

She should.be someone who people love and who also loves people. The one who is having the husband's trust.


preview not available Naveed 2.0
07 Mar

Excellent woman's should always remain sincere and i know there is no much more sincere then a women. You are saying good that women's are also good those always help


James Essien
07 Mar

That is a true personality of a good woman.

a woman full of strength,love and passion.


Agaga Julius
07 Mar

Real woman should be filled with all those qualities.


Amjad Ali Waince
07 Mar

Great qualities mentioned for a excellent woman. I like more part in serving where now a days we seen lack of interest by woman and offcourse stay truthful will increase the dignity for any individual. 


Agaga Julius
07 Mar

When a woman is truth truthful, then such a woman will be seen as Excellent







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