Exams AHEAD 😎

So the fun nights and stressful days are back on track and I'm having final exams next week. Trying a bit distance with my duties lol because studies come first and I've to maintain my position and grades in my University. 


We studied the whole semester online and we are asked to attend examinations on campus its a bit weird but it's OK! because Its for our betterment aside from that second wave of COVID-19 is started in here so they are conducting exams batch by batch to decrease the rush in the institute.


How I prepare myself for exams? It's quite easy just stay away from what you've been doing in your daily routine, either you're studying now or not just stay away from trying not to be habitual and kill all habits and stay focused on your syllabus. Although we have some conceptual subjects so I'm gonna kick things so well 🥳 


A message for you guys don't get discouraged by less engagement ever always focus to build good followers and try to impress your audience by sharing Quality Content because a high number of upvotes on few posts is not your success but having a good number of active followers is your success. 

Quality Comments are always Appreciated! 

Don't SPAM, please. 

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Kubra Khan
29 Oct

Good luck dear sir for your exam, you will miss a lot but will give us less engagement and time, you had the right classes online and now the exam is on campus but I hope you have your exam We will succeed, we will follow all the rules of common and quality content upturned.. Thanks


muhammad waseem Iqbal
29 Oct

I think its very unfair for all students,We are taught online throughout the semester and then mangement  give  permission to take the exam in university because online study is very tough but If we are talking about uni exam I think its better because If teacher false our any questions we ask them why You give wrong to that questions,I seen many time in online paper I am a complete to give detail , but the teacher says this is wrong then I can't say anything about that,keep your hard work and don't worry ,best of luck for your exam,I think you done best in any level that why I think you not need to be worry because your a just perfect ,you can give any top level exam


Ana Biya
29 Oct

Umm yes that's quite unfair but believe me online exam were so ughh ;__;

So it's better to give it some time and give exam in your campus 

Focus on your studies, stay calm and give your 100% 

Best of luck and good luck etc for your exam *_*


preview not available Navi .
29 Oct

Yes that's unfair but yes it's quite better too thanks Ana! 


Hamza Ashraf
29 Oct

Studying the whole semester and giving exam on campus sounds so weird but we students have no other option then to follow instructions.

Well, exams days are so enjoying and fulfilled. Preparation of exams with friends gives you beautiful memories as well as good preparation.

Best of luck bro for your exams.


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29 Oct

Yes no other options, Thanks 


Omoniyi Popoola
29 Oct

I'm so enjoying Uptrennd with quality engagements and less spam. The people serious about Uptrennd are the people here now. 

Wishing you best of lucks in your exams and I'm sure you are coming out with a flying color


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29 Oct

Yes indeed you can easily differentiate between loyal Uptrenndians And Upvote farmers here 

Thankyou 🙈 







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