Everything has its time

A teacher once taught me that many of the ideas or projects that we have for our lives will have to go through the test of time in order to be implemented, that is, that we should not feel bad if at the moment we cannot achieve their implementation, either because of a lack of tools or means and/or simply because it is necessary to wait for that idea to mature further.

I have been able to verify this throughout my existence, since sometimes I have wanted things to be done in this or that way, I have even been stubborn in order to make them the way I wanted them to be, so that - in the end - I ended up realising that, for the time being, it was not possible to do so.

This is life and the way nature behaves. For example, a tree must first be a seed, a butterfly is first a caterpillar, the world itself has gone through an evolutionary process over time, the human being has its stages of growth: birth, childhood, youth, adults.

Certainly the temptation to want to accelerate the processes is always there. As when one is young, one wants, through the ideals of youth, to transform society 100%, to "eat the world", without sufficiently realizing that one must first prepare oneself for this. 

It is worthwhile, then, to take things slowly, not to stress out if we cannot achieve the goals we have in mind, as perhaps they only need to be left to soak so that, at the most opportune moment, they will come out with their full potential.

"No hurry but no pause", little by little, step by step (like Luis Fonsi's song), with perseverance, discipline and dedication, we can achieve everything we set out to do, leaving the time and circumstances to enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

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Raja 79
23 Nov

Life is a constant and intense struggle. Continuing in such a way that if there is a temporary failure to achieve a goal, one should not give up, but should get up and start the struggle anew. Only those who are not frightened by the temporary failures can reach the destination. Go and do not give up the struggle. Continuous and straight walkers eventually reach the destination no matter what the speed.


ifeoma enudu
24 Nov

In our pursuits in life, we are to be very familiar with the saying that "slow and steady wins the race"

Never be in a hurry to get things done nor be discouraged when things didn't work out as we had planned.

 Take it one step after the other, don't stop in the middle -  keep the motion going, with perseverance discipline and dedication, we will surely get the desired result.


El Salvadore
23 Nov

Life as a youth for example comes with so many things that we wish that we can actually come to accomplish. But even in all this we should keep at the back of our minds that life is in processes that we are not meant to skip for any reason buyy reasonably stick by.

We just have to stay calm and take life as slowly as it unveils itself, because the fast lane can bring mistakes buy it doesn't mean that we have to stay down and do nothing completely, buy rather we must take things piece by piece🌝


Suny Ag
23 Nov

Your article sounds as if it was written keeping me in mind. I always wanted to learn the art of video making but then I thought that was impossible for me. But, I started learning this art with the help of a 9 years old boy who taught me about editing. I did it as the requirement of Uptrennd University and now I am doing it a little better. 

But I have started only a week before so I will polish this art in the coming days. So, as you said every thing takes time and not before the time is right for a particular thing.


preview not available Jesús Alejos
25 Nov

friend, I'm happy with your progress, I hope to see a video of you soon. :)


Ifeanyi Obasi
24 Nov

That's why the Bible tells us that for everything on earth there is a time and season...

Life is a gradual process and those who are patient enough usually get the most out of it 







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