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Everyone likes a little free BTC and 1UP!!

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St3v3 T88888 4 months ago

Already got my prediction in fingers crossed i win haha ..... Get yourself over and get your prediction in folks 

єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 4 months ago

That's lovely!  But you mention December? 

Kris JS 4 months ago

To provide a little fairness, all guesses have to be in by September 30th and whoever has the closest guess to the price as of December 31st at 23.59 (UK time) will be the winner of the BTC and 1Up

Itliker Shadda 4 months ago

Approve my request i will definitely do

Kris JS 4 months ago

Hi Shadda, I don't see a request within the group. Please try again and I will accept it. Thanks

Itliker Shadda 4 months ago

I've done my name on Facebook is Muhammad arshad

Kris JS 4 months ago

Ahh my apologies, you have been accepted and welcome to our group. Thanks for having a go in our competition and good luck. 

Dotun Deetee 4 months ago

This is quite interesting really.

Kris JS 4 months ago

Thanks Dotun, have you got your guesses in? 

foo furious 4 months ago

only for UK people?

Kris JS 4 months ago

It's a UK based group but anyone who has an interest in crypto is welcome. Come take a look and have a guess, it's free. 







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