Every good looking person is not good and honest

Friends, in the society we are living in, in this society we meet many different types of people and in everyday life we ​​come in contact with many people and their way of thinking is very different from every human being.

And in this society there are very good people with good morals and also there exist bad people.

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to identify bad people with their faces.

Usually we meet such people in beautiful forms and apparently their morals and temperament are very good morals.

But they are in fact very evil from within and two great frauds.  They just buy people with a smile on their face and cheat and do a lot of fraud.

It would not be wrong to liken such deceitful people to black sheep, because such people have a different conscience and are very polite in front of other people.

Most importantly, 

The most important thing is that in today's society, it is very difficult to identify such evil people and expose the deeds of such deceivers in front of the common man because they are dressed in honesty.  By taking advantage of this, they directly cheat and harm innocent people.

So there are such deceivers around us in these forms?

Such people exist in the form of our friends in the form of our relatives and sometimes even in the form of our very close friends and we are unaware of their true nature.

So in our life we should be on the lookout for such people and identify such people and not build relationships with them too much.

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Madiha Jamil
09 Apr

Judging someone by their look is just like judging a book by its cover.  by someone good look we cant say they are also of a good nature. We came to know about someone nature when we spend time with thn and thats the time when we realize what kind of person he/she is.


preview not available Skyway Poster
09 Apr

Yes, every beautiful and good looking face does not have to be honest. There are many examples in the world where people only dress in beauty and honesty.


Atanda Davido
09 Apr

Facial look and appearance is deceitful, until you know the real individual never put your whole trust on someone


Hasnain Khan
09 Apr

Yes, we should avoid such hypocrites. It is our good to break up with such people. Such people do not think well of anyone. These people do not deserve any good. Such double-faced people are among us and  We find out when God has done us harm.


M.A Khan
09 Apr

Yes @Skyway P it is a bitter truth that every beautiful face is not having a beautiful soul. Nothing is written on their faces. Honesty is something which is connected with beautiful heart. Yes we must have to be very careful while choosing people, friends around us in our lives.


Zeeshan Shahid
09 Apr

The beauty of behaviour and face expressions impress others but don't guess inside behaviour till we spend sometimes that person. It is difficult to believe anyone because some peoples feels jealousy and push your all efforts to destroy you.


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