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Especially to all of you: My 399 followers

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Omer Farooq Farooq 4 months ago

No doubt dear this thing you is right that we all left now all other social chains and giving much time here. You write a good post and describe well about all things include yourself change in life after uptrennd.

Jan Bouda 3 months ago

Yeah, definitely it’s my reflection on how our life changes after Uptrennd. 

Omer Farooq Farooq 3 months ago

Atleast my life change too much because earlier I use almost every time Instagram Facebook WhatsApp but I haven't much time sometimes that I open once in a day due to interaction in Uptrennd and give much time now to create OC post.

Jan Bouda  3 months ago

I think traditional social media can be great tools for sharing content, promotion, advertising but if we use them only to check other  people’s lives it can also become a waste of time. Sometimes it can be relaxing, but when being done within certain limits. Uptrennd besides earning 1UP tokens is a great tool of learning on cryptos and this is something that you don’t find everywhere.

Alberto Dionisio 4 months ago

Awesome Post Jan you said it all:we share the same vision,we fight for a Better Tommorow and we are here to support the Platform and each other☺

Jan Bouda 3 months ago

As I see the platform in constant evolution, I see the change in quality and quantity terms as well. I see the advantage of Uptrennd that it’s pretty easy to use comparing to other platforms.

Olufunminiyi Ojo 4 months ago

Great article from a great minds. It's good to appreciate and encouraged your follower. The cordial relationship is very important.

Jan Bouda 3 months ago

Appreciation and motivation is important part.  We do it on Uptrennd through making comments and upvoting.

Itliker Shadda 4 months ago

Wow, man congratulations on reaching 500 followers. Really sir followers, engagement and appreciation are really the motivation for everyone. 

There is always perfect and decided the time for by God for the success of everyone . what we can do is only wait and continuously struggle.

Man, you are really the motivation for the whole community it keeps it up.

Jan Bouda 3 months ago

Well, I still haven’t reached those 500, maybe at the end of month. I strongly believe in engagement, motivation and appreciation part, also when there is something to be improved all  VA team members are supposed to indicate as well. And thanks always for your support.

M Zubair 4 months ago

Wow.  Your writing skill is very good. 

I like it very much


all of you are the diesel of my Trenndian life and the resting part of the community is my daily fuel


Jan Bouda 3 months ago

I made a reference to the image because I was looking for number 399. And definitely when you read Uptrennd’s posts and comments, they make your day.







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