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This week we don't talk about monsters anymore but about rules used during gameplay, there are a lot of them, in fact to make this video it took me a bit longer than usual because I had to wait, but it was worth it!

A fairly short game, but only for the demerit of my opponent, but it was intense! I really like a lot this rule, I can't hide it, my favorite tactic is to use if possible a creature with a lot of heart, such as the Sea Monster and right behind him cards with as many abilities as possible that will take his own life energy.

The beauty of this rule is that you can use more tactics, even deploying creatures with little life but many abilities hoping that our opponent will deploy a "strong" one is not bad.

In the game you'll see the available mana were very few and so I tried to use the cards with low mana's number, see to believe, enjoy watching!







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