Greetings, Epsy Students.

It's the final week of your sophomore session and I know you are very excited as you can't wait to graduate into Junior class. A lot of you have done exceptionally well but there are still a few of you that need to work harder. I believe with the help of your tutors, you will surpass our expectations in Junior class.

This week you were given two assignments, a fun post and a tricksybait. 

For the fun post, what we expected from you was:

  1.  Professionalism

  2.  Fun

  3. Beautiful graphics and fun GIFs

  4. Great formatting and grammatical accuracy.

For the tricksybait, we simply expected:

  1. A clickbait title

  2. ​Creativity

  3. ​Perfect finish

  4. Great formatting and grammatical accuracy.

A lot of you were up to the task as you dazzled me with your beautiful entries. I had so much fun reading through the posts. Although, there were a few of you who either didn't understand what a tricksybait was or just didn't think they needed to put in extra effort to make their posts outstanding. Don't forget, if you must get the Dean's badge, you gotta work hard for it. 

In no particular order, here are the 5 most amazing entries for this week. Don't forget to check out these posts and show them how much you appreciate their hard work. A click on the name or the screenshot will take you right to the post. Enjoy

Drum rolls 🥁🥁🥁🥁

Tehamee Khan

Tehamee caught us all in suspense, like a psychological thriller, one we see in movies. I actually was enjoying the creative write, until I saw the end!

Great formatting, the story was well told, had that little suspense and a good anti-climatic ending, served the purpose of the assignment. Find out who "Tried to kill Tehamee".

Congratulations, Tehamee


ESPANDOR stood out with this post, a great example of a tricksybait. It had it all; horror, suspense, humour and a great end worthy to be called tricksybait!

"The story of how I got chased by monster" was told in a great way and nice formatting. 

Congratulations, ESPANDOR

Alfa Frankly

Alfa impressed with both of his assignments for the week. He had me cracking my ribs in his fun post. He did justice to the fun flash post. Great formatting, great use of colours, and excellent GIFs that corroborated his story perfectly. A great humorous post I must say.

​He did a great job with his trickybait post. He chose a topic we all can relate with, "love and women". His story captivates and draws the reader's attention and his expressive description of the qualities of the lady in the story is superb.

Great use of images and GIFs. An outstanding finishing. A good tricksybait I must say

Congrats, Alfa.

Mimi Jay

Mimi Jay has done a decent job with this tricksybait post. No one likes a heartbreak but we all love to listen to or read heartbreak stories. She did well choosing that topic and even had a good story well told to draw enough attention from the reader and boom at the very end - TRICKSYBAIT

Congratulations, Mimi

Saleem K

Salem had a great header Image and good use of GIFS. His story was very hilarious as well. Great formatting and beautiful choice of colours. 

​congrats, Saleem

*Special mention*

Nisha Tahir

I enjoyed this thoroughly. It had all the ingredients of a great tricksybait and it seemed quite perfect albeit the little mistake in the header image.

*Special mention does not entitle the recipient to a badge*

Header graphic created on canva. Other images are screenshot of the student's work.



Ifeanyi Obasi
29 Nov

@Mimi Congratulations to you🥳

To everyone else that made the list, your had work finally paid off🥂

Keep quality in mind and you will always be rewarded 💥

For those of us that didn't make it, I say keep working, because it's not over yet 😎


El Salvadore
29 Nov

I could not believe I fell for the Mimi Jay's trick haha

As I was reading I was think what was really broken her heart? Lol

But I learny it was her glasses hehe

Well all the best for her really and I appreciate your efforts zizy


Ishmael Kelechi
29 Nov

Congratulations to you all. @Alfa Frankly keep the ball rolling. @Saleem K, @Mimi Jay, @Espandor.... Congratulations to you.



Humaira Khattak
29 Nov

Yes of course you are saying right 

Here that sophomar of every student 

Best and also want to gain high achievements 


Hafeez Rehman
29 Nov

Congratulations to all nominees they work hard and shortlisted a great approach to encourage our uptrennd community. Thanks you.







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