Greetings, Epsy Students!

I am sure a lot of you are surprised to see Dean's List out in the middle of the week. This is because we are behind schedule. Graduation is on Monday and we need another Dean's List before your graduation. It's unfortunate that Marianne hasn't been feeling too fine but don't worry about it as things will still go as planned. We wish her all the best.

This week assignment focused on citing. You were asked to make an amazing post using 3 famous sayings that are interrelated and then correctly citing ensuring that your post is 80% original.

You had so many adorable entries ranging from words of advice to personal stories and even fictions. They were all amazing. It was a tough one having to choose from lots of beautifully written contents but then a decision has to be made and in no particular order, I will be revealing the best of the best that deserves the Dean's badge.

Please click on the names or the images to take you right to the post. Kindly leave feedback in the comment section of the featured posts. You can also spread love round on all post by using the hashtag #UUcitingsources

       Drum rolls 🥁🥁🥁🥁

Khrispyshots C

preview not available

Khrispyshots wrote a very gorgeous post. I love how he took us all on an adventure, playing with our minds and finally revealed the true meaning of the topic, "Virginity is Not Dignity". Fascinating play with fonts and great formatting. I only wish he did better with his header image. You should check out this post.

Congratulations, Khris

Tehamee Khan

preview not available

Tehamee Khan wrote a very clear and powerful post with the title, "Be Patient- Have Faith in God". The message although from a spiritual angle is very relatable in every setting. Beautiful graphics and great formatting. Check it out and share your thoughts with her.

Congrats, Tehamee

Hania N

preview not available

Hania designed a very catchy header image that is enough to make you want to check out the post. Great choice of quotes and I love how they flowed into each other. The background is a perfect blend of attractive colours. "A quote that is enough to give motivation" is a post you should check out. Lots of lessons to learn.

Congrats, Hania

Auto Villez

preview not available

Auto Villez went personal on this post as he told us of his ideal personality and he did so in a quite assured manner. His post emits a lot of confidence. His formatting was great and he did justice to his assignment by using great quotes to back up his ideas. Would you love to know what his "Dream Personality" is? Check out the post.

Congrats, Auto Villez

Ishmael Kelechi

preview not available

Ishmael chose a topic that is very common but handled it creatively. He started by telling us a very good and relevant story that added meaning to the intent of the post. Great formatting and a great choice of quotes. The bullet points at the end of the post added an extra bit spice to the post. Great job.

Congrats, Ishmael.

**Special mention**
Like I said at the beginning of the post, a lot of the students outdid themselves and here are two other posts I believe merit a mention 

Anum Rizwan

preview not available

Anum in her post titled "3 advises by a father" brought out her creativity as she told a fiction that so many can relate to especially with how this year has been and how Uptrennd has bailed us out. 

Alfa Frankly

preview not available

Alfa frankly had a very beautiful header image. His message in the post titled "power of Imagination" was strong, direct and persuasive with beautiful formatting and spacing. 

*Special mention does not entitle the recipient to a badge*

Header graphic created on canva. Other images are screenshot of the student's work.



Scholastica Kosy
27 Nov

Wow. Congratulations to you all @[email protected] @Alfa @Hania @Auto @Tehamee @Khrispyshots C. 

You guys really tried your best. You are really making Uptrennd University proud and also making uptrennd as a whole proud. I can't wait for Monday's graduation. Hahahha. Lots of fun. 

Welcome to the new office of Dean @zizy I hope there will be some tips on the graduation day😊😊


Zizy Mena
27 Nov

Thank you very much Scholastica. You know the graduation party always has so much to offer. Don't miss it .


Scholastica Kosy
27 Nov

Wow. I will surely do so dear.  I will be there lol


Eunigold Paul
27 Nov

No doubt that uptrennd has many creative writers here. I am happyp i joined this platform. I will check each and every one of them to see there amazing post.

Congratulations to all of them


Zizy Mena
27 Nov

You should check them out Eunigold. 


Adegbe Gift
27 Nov

Wow! Congratulations to @khrispyshots C @Hania @Auto @tehamee @Anum @ishamael kelechi @Alfa you guys made an amazing quality contents.

Monday is fast approaching

Welcome to the office of Dean of UU @zizy all the best


Zizy Mena
27 Nov

Monday is almost here. It's graduation, yaaay 


Ayesha Malik
27 Nov

Many many congratulations to the individuals who made into the dean's list;

Especially @Tehamee:@Anum @Hania well-done girls;

And many congrats  to @Alfa @Auto @Ismael @Krispyshots ;

All of you have done commendable work.

And yes Dear Dean @Zizy we are excited about our graduation 🥳😍

Many good wishes to mam Marianne West.🌺


Zizy Mena
27 Nov

They are amazing writers. Thank you for the good wishes for Marianne. 


Hania Nawaz
27 Nov

Yayyyyyyy thanks dear. I'm so happy to see my name here. 


Iqra Tariq
27 Nov


Congratulations to all Students who create EPSY SOPHOMORE SESSION Dean's List.

@Ishmael Kelechi and @Alfa Frankly Proud of you!

My Whole team my whole batch is ROCK Team-dauntless Rock. 🙌 🙌

My special Congratulation to my student @Alfa Frankly. Impressive 

All students in my team create this Wonderful List.



Zizy Mena
27 Nov

You are so proud of your team, congrats 







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