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18 Feb
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Ep:70 - ZCoin & The Fight for Self Sovereignty - w/ Reuben Yap

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EngrSamest . 3 months ago

Great to see this faith is strong for zcoin and im a supporter.

My discord on id is samest#8295

Jeff has donated 500 points to єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 3 months ago

Freelancer76 . 3 months ago

Huge respect and for ZCoin, one of the oldest privacy coins in the market, survived bear market and never stopped developing! One of the biggest gainers in 2020, and still good for PoW mining.

Discord user: Freelancer76#5686

Jeff has donated 500 points to Freelancer76 Freelancer76 3 months ago

Freelancer76 . 3 months ago

WOW, thank you @jeff, didnt expect it to be honest.

Btw, I am seeing your tweets on CT here and there but only today I started following you, never too late for right decisions (@_DressedToKill1 )

Jeff Kirdeikis 3 months ago

Right on! :) Followed back

Tosyne2much Adekola 3 months ago

Today is a good that for those who are in Zcoin discord server 

Osato Jegede 3 months ago

The uniqueness of Zcoin is privacy. Awesome discussion Jeff. 

Dotun Awosika Deetee 3 months ago

It is awesome listening to the both of you on these very serious issues of the fiat-centralized-regulations-dex-crypto-decentralized interview.

ZCoin definitely has the ability to aid compliances with security compliance through the exchanges. Enjoyed every second on this interview and I moved now than ever to look closely into ZCoin.

My discord id is dotskulls#6344

Jeff has donated 100 points to Dotun Deetee 3 months ago


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