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Ep 06 - This Week in Crypto - February 18-24, 2019

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Sean Supplee 9 months ago

Dang this is crazy impressive! Count me in for a follow because there is always stuff I miss in the week with so much going on in cryptocurrency. Reading through this is an awesome recap and to spot check things I missed thank you!

Jeff Kirdeikis 9 months ago

Thanks Sean! Glad you found value in it!

I'll keep them going :) 

Sergio Mendes 9 months ago

Wow a bunch of amazing news all together in here. Thanks for putting this all together for us. 

Jeff Kirdeikis 9 months ago

Super happy to! 

Uptrennd is all about adding value, so pleased to do my part! smiley

Martin Kiel 9 months ago

Simply, Outstanding.

The rich content, the editing, the multiple formats, the sound arguments.. You.

Well done sir, you nailed it.

Erica Fleming 9 months ago

Holy moly.... that post was ☆☆ Fan ~Freaking~ Tastic☆☆!!!! Thanks for all that info! I'm gonna take a stab and guess BTC will be 3800. :)

Jeff Kirdeikis 9 months ago

Thanks Erica smiley Happy to do it !

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 9 months ago

Excellent content, Jeff, all these positive events for BTC have certainly pushed the price this week, however, that same positive market sentiment makes me think that we haven't touched the floor yet, I think that after being rejected for $4200, we could see the price fall below $3000.


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