~Entry to contest of #2K21 by #Emaan.


About Uptrennd....

I mainly know that uptrennd is a loveable platform , consists on many users trending here, appreciating other quality content and making a new , capacious family which has much more space for the new users to come in. It is basically a site to earn money in the form of 1ups that is a crypto token and people work here to earn these ups. Everyone knows its an earning site but I would say its a skill enhancing site which help a lot people to learn , and to increase their skills either in the form of creative writing , photography , hidden art and many more.

Thing I like most on Uptrennd

Uptrennd in itself is a worth appreciating and adorable platform that its every single thing i like . But to elaborate or to point out only one thing which I like the most is that , QUALITY IS NEVER IGNORED. It means , if you post an article even hours ago , it is appreciated , and appreciated by the guardians, level users and many more.

Thing I dislike  on Uptrennd

As I say , I not only like the platform and its system but I love it. But there is something that made me irritant from it. This is related to the downvoting. I am not saying the downvotes , but the user who downvote any post or comment , his/her name is always hidden. I don't know the reason of it , but in my opinion , we have the right to know , who is downvoting as we always know who is upvoting. Some users might take this as personal , but this should be appropriate , by showing who downvote you.

finding which thing on Uptrennd

Here on uptrennd, I met many people, many come across through my posts and many of them followed me. I have a lil bit chat with most of them and I met many of those who are hypocritic. So , simply saying , I am here filtering people and finding loyal and good friends . There I met many of the loyal ones among them @Waseem sherazi @Natiq Abbas, @Anas Afzal @Mahnoor Danish , @Wakygrace mam , @Maryam khan and my beloved @Amal Fatima , and many more.

Best Uptrennd User according to me

I have seen many users trending here and everyone has its own characteristic and uniqueness. Everyone is perfect in its own way. Everyone has its own way of thinking and likeness for others. For me , the best uptrennd user ever I have seen , or admire, is MARYAM KHAN due to her way of expressing and guiding others. here is her gift for newbies


 changes which I want on Uptrennd

Several changes need to be accomplish on this platform which are given below

  • Donation of points

  • Comment renewal, publication 

  • Video upload 

  • Notification / chat bar 

  • Uptrennd Guardians Information

  • Support channel

  • Mention system 

  • Plagiarism checker 

here is the detailed post about it,

best gift/memory I got from Uptrennd

There are many best memories I got from the platform , winning of contests, mentioning of people in some situations, but the most adorable and magnificent is the badge given by mam @Wakygrace. This is so lovely that I cant express in my words. Thank you mam, for honoring me this level.

best person to whom I met on Uptrennd

Without wasting time and there is no need to think about many users that who is the best for me ,She is no other than @Amal Fatima. many of you know her, due to her quality content, appreciation habit and humble nature.

@Amal , I am so happy to find you here , girl...That uptrennd give me something , and this is you...

lesson I got through my mistakes on Uptrennd

Mistakes are the part of life and like others , I have done many mistakes in my past , because man is the puppet who always ,do mistakes but the real is one , who lean from those mistakes.

I have learn many things , among them , uptrennd mistakes  taught me 

how to be consistent

How to learn 

How to express

How to appreciate and many more..

learned through this worldwide Platform

I have learnt alot , alot and alot. and still I am in learning phase. Everyday , I learn something new and that makes my day. I learn that you have to be consistent to earn money. You have to do hard work to earn money because hard work pays off. I learnt, You have to be patient to get the reward of you work. and i have really learnt that there isn't a platform just like uptrennd.

Uptrennd Brought Positivity in My Life 

This is so true, I was an optimistic before too, i used to see the positive aspects of the things before, but after uptrennd , it allow me to see different traditions, different people from different culture are also cool and humble. This made me to think that how positivity works, and due to this positivity , I am having such an appreciation from all of you,

Thank you guys, It really matters.



Amjad Ali Waince
05 Jan

A great successful answer sheet you wrote. Well briefed answer of every question of the contest. A very valid entry for the contest.

Best wishes for the contest!!!!


Muhammad Arslan
05 Jan

Salaam to all here.

Well a nice Entry from your side. I think you want a bit more changes in uptrennd . The thing you don't like is actually the SST to avoid any type of hate on platform. As you know down votes for downvote will start. Best of luck for your contest.


Maryam khan
05 Jan

Awesome entry @Ayyat and I think there is no more need for my entry haha...

And I'm just run out of my words how can you be so nice?🙈Seriously I can't digest this so much appreciation....Love you Dear


Ayyat Fatima
05 Jan

hahah @Maryam , you always rock with your words and entries and I am sure, this time , you would also...I would wait for you entry , would love to read it...

hahah digest it, bcz there are many more things to come for you..

thank you for appreciating💖


Amal Fatima
05 Jan

Uptrennd is best platform for earning and learning. 

It enhances our knowledge and hidden skills. 

The thing you want to upgrade on Uptrennd is superb I wish these recommendations will be considered. 

We both are same 😂🤭Your and my best memories are same, when I was selected for Wednesday women crush I was like, is it is dream or reality 🤭😁

@Maryam is princess of uptrennd she deserves the title best uptrennd user.

I consider myself very lucky that I met you on Uptrennd ❤️thankyou love for mentioning me 😍🤗

Positivity lead you toward success, that is secret of your success., ☺️

Good luck for contest 🤞


Ayyat Fatima
06 Jan

hahaha, i told you , we have same thoughts, same sense of humor..

Indeed, she deserve it , and you too💖💖💖

The wednesday crush by mam @Wakygrace is just love naa....

Thank you for stopping here


Hameed khan
05 Jan

Really good content and nice journey of uptrend. I like it by the core of hearts.

Uptrend is really good plateform. I have learnt too much from uptrend and still learning.







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