Entry of Photography Competition by Ma'am Hafsa M.

Flowers photography is continually astounding. Most extreme pictures are caught appealingly. You can't typically figure out the best pictures from many! I have gathered a few pictures that are looking pleasant to me. 

There's a particularly crazy number of Flower photographs in my home, that I end up compelled to adhere just to the ones that I took myself. 

Flowers are one of my total most loved photography subjects, so I have a lot to browse. Here are a couple of my top choices 

Orange Lily is an undemanding and tough fancy; in reality it is quite possibly the most excellent ornamentals, and as such is a typical sight in gardens. Regardless of being local to southern Europe it has adjusted to the Finnish soil and environment, Orange lily wouldn't fret being packed by different plants and can last significantly more than the nursery, the house, and other evident indications of home. It frequently fills wild in Finland, despite the fact that it is uncommon external stops and gardens.

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Dendrobiums flowers are principally epiphytes, which means these develop on different plants. In nature, there are regularly discovered developing on tree limbs. While the species fluctuate in appearance, every one of them are known for their abundant sprouts that arrive in an assortment of pastel tones. A few animal categories flower up and down the lengths of their stems while others sprout just from the highest points of the stems. While this plant develops flowers from the highest point of the stem in my home.⤵ 

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Lily bloom is an extremely wonderful and exquisite blossom. It typically sprouts in the late spring season. It is most popular for addressing virtue, utility, and never-ending magnificence. It is utilized in cooking just as in drugs. It is broadly utilized as a blessing.⤵ 

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Our nursery is viewed as the most lovely piece of the house where one can enjoy a reprieve from the every day tedious life and unwind. That helps in making and retouching bonds with the relatives when the entire family accumulates to chatter in the nursery feeling so pleasant development.⤵ 

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Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a types of blossoming plant in the pea family Fabaceae. this is uncommon and stunning.⤵ 

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The name of this bloom is LOVELY and it is truly adorable to take a gander at.⤵ 

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This snatch shot, totally natural aside from lastly, probably the most seasoned shot, initially on new date palm, which has consistently placed me as a main priority of female genitalia as seen from the inside, during infiltration. Who could want anything more? ;)  

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 If you want to take part in this competition, hurry up, time is running out! Here is LINK

Image source: All these photographs are taken from my phone.

Header image: Created by me on Canva App.




Hasnain Khan
28 Feb

Amazing entry by you Zaroosh.

Flowers photography is perfect in all angles.

Sharp images are very attractive as these are decorated in Uptrennd garden.

Best of luck for contest winning from my side.


Afia Khan
28 Feb

 @Zaroosh Ma'am Absolute creativity you have shown here, Very nice, Every photo has its story and it makes the capture more special!

Awesome Entry! The flowers look so beautiful!

Best of luck with the contest my buddy :)


Zaroosh Fatima
28 Feb

I acknowledge your words, @Afia :)


Aleza Noor Noor
28 Feb

Amazing entry by you Zaroosh.

Flowers photography is ideal in all angles.

Sharp photographs are very appealing as those are embellished in Uptrennd garden.

Best of luck for contest winning from my aspect.


Kainat Fatima
28 Feb

You have done a very beautiful and excellent photography and you have chosen some very beautiful flowers to make the photography even better.

Apparently these ordinary flowers also look very beautiful in photography. 

Best of luck for contest.. 


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
01 Mar

Wow 😳 

Nature is really beautiful and you have photographed them very well ,And the white flowers in your photography are my favorite. I like them very much. There are such flowers in my garden too.

Best of luck for contest ❤️


Zaroosh Fatima
01 Mar

Hi, sir @Saqib! Hard paintings continually get achievement, especially at the same time as we do it with the right and suitable technique, and pray for Allah's guidance and advantages! 

Photography is considered one of my favorites pastimes, and always trying my nice to make it extra attractive although I am no longer an expert, the end result is always accurate when we like what we are doing! 

Thanks, plenty!







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