Entry for Yasir mehmood's contest

🌹Aaalam o alaikum greetings my lovely friends🌹

🌹I hope you are doing good 🌹

Let's spread some fun and laugh together 

Prank of the year happend with all uptrenndians lol 🤣😂

👇Here's my entry for contest by Yasir Mehmood 

When i woke up 1 checked my trust wallet i got a little bit confused and even shocked because i found about 1000$ in my wallet hahhah for few seconds i thought I'm in a deep sleep or I'm dreaming but when my friends told me that same situation was with him for a while i thought may be rate is increased..

Seriously i felt happy and i thought to exchange my 1up ...

but but but 😂😂😂😂😂

Then suddenly all dreams and happiness fade away when we come to know that it was a glitch a technical issue hahhah same situation as shown in the meme was our condition run back and save your money 🤣🤣...

Thank God my 1up are safe i didn't make hurry to exchange them but i feel sad for those who sold their 1up and faced a loss ...

​most of the users did hurry and rest of them were making fun with everyone 

Here You can see a funny and confusing situation lol at first boys felt so much happy and show off infront to girls to impress them with their dollars but in reality it was 💔bug💔 a biggest prank of the year for everyone hahhah😂 ...

Wow what a fun 😂😂😂🙊

But apart from this funny glitch i just pray one day this prank could ne turned into reality and we get our expected money to fulfil all our dreams🙌😁

Tell me what were thoughts at that time and did you exchanged all of your tokens in hurry or waited wisely like me hahhah... 😂🤣😁


🙌​images created by me through meme generator app😁



Raheem Rao
18 Dec

When my friend  told me the rate  then I asked  him to sell  all my tokens  in no time 

He asked patience beacuse all was bug


Dr Ali Raza
18 Dec

That is an interesting topic choosen by you to express those feelings through meme.

Yess everyone was excited to see the uplift but then they come to know that it was a bugg and all excitement vanished.😂

Best of luck for the contest


Sana ullah khan
18 Dec

😩😩😩😩😩I was crying when the boy told me that it is fake, it is not right, the correct rate is not that increase yet. 😂😂😂😂

 My wish for your entry is that you will succeed Best of Luck 


Amjad Ali Waince
18 Dec

I was happy and excited . Looks like a bird flying in the air with joy and pleasure. 

But an " error" falls me down.

By the way  our love for uptrennd will never fall down.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
18 Dec

Hahahah same like with when was I hear a news about 1up price then I call to my friend and deal with about 2k 1up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣he say that it's bug 

Firstly I don't believe him but after check the telegram channel I feel shock and turned billionaire to begger


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