Entrance to the photography contest🤩

It's time to show some photography proficiency of mine; although it's been a long time I have forfeited all these hobbies of taking unique snaps; so here is the collection of all my recent and favorite stuff;

Each snap has its own story and most of my images have their stories related to rain and night 😂 yeah this combo makes the images more incredible and outstanding.

Heading toward this image of blossoms of tomato plant cultivated In my garden; these are not angry from me instead I have showcased the fluffy thrones they are having for their protection.

This skill full photography not only shows my editing skills but also the hues of life too.

Why I have taken this snap? As this loneliness strokes my heart too! 

As I have said earlier rain has a special impact on my mode; discern this mint leaves seeping in the rain;

Now this image has my special association; it's from my last visit to Karachi; flower collection in one of PAF base

Lastly, this gif is evidence of my skills in photography and image editing.

All the images are officially uploaded on my Instagram account; I occasionally post these images on social sites too, and DJ is my official name🤩

This is my entry to the contest by Hafsa Mam​​​

All the snaps are taken with Samsung galaxy 😂 don't think I have a DSLR🤭





Fatima Joyo
27 Feb

Ahan firstly tell me story behind your DJ name hahhah...

And no doubt all pictures are admirable im a crazy lover of flowers and whenever i see any flower i capture it and save in my gallery of memories you and me are same in this way i hope you'll win this contest good luck my girl😍😍


Ayesha Malik
27 Feb

Hehe credit goes to Jannat ky patty😍 my friends found me similar to the character DJ Khadija that's I got this name🤭

Yeah,😊 my gallery comprises an enormous collection of snaps;

Thanks for your response ❤

Stay blessed.


Fatima Joyo
27 Feb

Oh yeah jannat ke patty is very famous novel i have started reading it from past 3 days i found it very intresting and this is 1st novel which I'm reading 🙈🙈


Cherry Harryianne
28 Feb

- @Ayesha Ma'am Absolute creativity you have shown here! Very nice, If I have Instagram I will follow you but I don't have any, I also loved rain for it's my elder sister's name hehe! Every photo has its story and it makes the capture more special! 🌷

Awesome Entry! The flowers look so cute!!

Best of luck with the contest!❤🌷


Ayesha Malik
28 Feb

Hehe 😂 no issue; I also don't have time to update my work on social accounts.

And your sister name is much cute and elegant ❤❤❤

Thanks a lot for admiring my work 😍

Good luck to you too 🥳🤩


Dushka Aziz
27 Feb

Wooo dear you have a great skills of photography....

Keep it up..

All pictures are really awesome..

You click a real look..


Afia Khan
28 Feb

@Aysha you are a great photographer :)

Always Your gifs in your publications makes me crazy.

In this post your editing shots are awesome.

Best of luck my dear😍😍 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
28 Feb

What I like most about your photographs is the description that you give to each one of them, because in this way each photograph makes sense, I like it when people connect with their work.
All your photographs are excellent, I hope you win, because you have done an excellent job.


Ayesha Malik
28 Feb

For me there is thinking behind click;

It stimulates my cognitive function;

Thanks a lot for liking and admiring my work;

I am glad that you have enjoyed my creativity. 







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