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Hello uptrender 

Once there was a man in a village.  He lives unhappy every time. All the villagers were sick of him, as he was always Depressed,  and criticise his life. 

With the age he was becoming more and more bitter person, and the more he was using toxic words .so people starts keeping distance from him,  because if any other person is happy next to him,  he would become enemy of him. 

One day,  when he reached to older age,  people heard that this person is happy and he is not complaining about anything, he is enjoying,  even his body structure is changed because of his happiness. 

So all villagers wonders this behaviour and came to him,  to ask him about this sudden change. 

So the peron replied the villagers., "all my life i was hunting joy and happiness, and it was hopeless. Then i leave searching for happinessand started enjoying the life. So rhats the reason i am happy now."

Moral: Don't chaae happiness, enjoy your life.



Hafiz Zeshan Ul Haq
02 Nov

There is a great lesson in this story. We must be happy in every situation. We should be thankful for the blessings of Allah. 


Shah .
12 Nov

yes, sometimes we make our own life a hell.despite looking how beautifull it is.

its a blessed gift from Allah, and we should use it in a benificial way.


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