Enjoy it while it lasts

Uptrennd Nation, this is getting out of hand.

I made a short post about 20 minutes ago here, and in that post it said to only leave a question in the comments, nothing else, or you'll get downvoted. Anything besides a question gets you a downvote.

Well imagine, over 80% of the first 100 comments were not asking questions for the town hall, and were people trying to farm for upvotes with low-quality comments.

I've had enough. Comment spammers are killing this community. It is not fair to the people who put in quality effort, and it sucks value out of our token with sell pressure and steals value from members who actually care. In addition, it scares potential new quality members away, because the majority of comments are thoughtless.

If you are too lazy to read the post, this isn't the place for you.
Gamification through comment spamming is against our terms and conditions.
If you are leaving comments as fast as you can without reading the post, that's comment spam.

So if you are reading this, it's important to listen right now: Do not leave a comment below. There should be zero comments. If you leave a comment, it's because you have not read the post and are one of the people I'm talking about. You will get muted for one month and lose fifty points. We are going to let the comments roll in for a few hours, then we will purge. Protip: Don't downvote the people who post comments in here just yet. If it's a sea of downvotes, it's a big red flag. So let's just let the spammers spam right into the net.

We do not allow spam, we want to protect the value of the 1UP token so that quality members earn what they deserve. Every upvote that goes to spammers is translated into sell pressure on the exchanges.

So to all the comment spammers, enjoy it while it lasts. Citizenship and a big purge is coming your way.
We value quality. Shape up, or ship out.

To the golden nuggets of Uptrennd, who consistently add value day in and day out, thank you.
I appreciate you, and we will never stop fighting for the best interest of this community and this ecosystem ♥️



Just Ask
13 May

Before you down vote, please read.......

Whilst I appreciate the post (yes, I am posting despite it being suggested not to), I suppose what you need to try and understand is what actually motivates people to respond? As you mentioned, gamification is a great motivator when there is something of value at stake. Even this post, many didn't bother to read, rather simply posted something they thought would get an upvote. You are providing incentive and therefore people don't value the content, they value the incentive. 

How can we change this? As a community we need to take action. If we simply keep talking about it, nothing will change. We all need to upvote/downvote where it is due. Until the whole community takes a stand, this will continue. 

In saying that, I have noticed during my time here that the content is getting better. We have a great community. Lets support one another in maintaining a great, quality platform. In order to achieve this, we all need to play our part. 

Thanks for all the hard work in trying to keep us all honest. 



preview not available Dotun Awosika
13 May

Comment Spam - Read the Post



preview not available Jeff Kirdeikis
13 May

No, this one is fine :) 



Just Ask
14 May

Im sorry you feel this is spam. The intention was to get people to start thinking about why we feel the need to comment. Im guessing your response was indicative of not understanding what Jeff was trying to say and why, as a member of this great community, I felt the need to respond (despite being asked not to).

We are all getting an incentive on the platform. Those who provide great content, earn their up votes. Those who comment, challenging the writer and readers thoughtfully, also deserve their up votes. Reporting scammers, spammers and upvote whores, is what we are being asked to do in order to make this platform great. 

I can honestly say I read the post. Can you say the same?



Rasel Ahamed
14 May

Everyone should respect the opinion of others.  I understand your state of mind.  Think about it and forget that he did it wrong.  Again there are many here they are new.  They do not understand up / down.



14 May

Hmm I don't know if you noticed some by upvoting and writing a comment as soon as they get the title they don't care reading to get the point of the writer.



Abubakar Zakari
14 May

Seriously I don't like to read articles which are much. But let me just comment good write up 



Abdul Karim khalid
13 May

Firstly i would like to say everyone who is working out here don't want these kind of shits , They don't upload spams comments or whatever , Many of them read the post and then comment accordingly , Like I always try to learn and seek for new knowledge and that's why i always read the post and then do comment accordingly!

Secondly , To be honest it's been 1 month and 5 days when i started here and i've no idea how to creat original content and how to do comments according to the post but gradually i learnt and Now i mean it and i really appreciate it if anyone who is trying hard to do comments and creating original post should deserve what he wants!

Thirdly, As i said earlier Now i'm trying hard to creat original content but still i'm not able to get what i want in my posts comments section so in real i appreciate this post beacuase it encourages me to do what i'm doing right Now is good and I love to do this , Basically people try to save their times and that's why in order to doing more and more comments they find a habbit of doing spasm comments , So as you said these things are going to end Now so i'm happy for this and people should do spend some time , should read the post and the leave the comments accordingly!

That's all i learnt from your post Mr. jeff



preview not available Jeff Kirdeikis
13 May

Always? You didn't read this one abdul. 








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